3 Mobile Simulation Games Better Than The Sims

Simulations games are widely played and beloved for it's building and sustaining capabilities and the amount of personalization and control the player has. Tired of playing The Sims? Here are some games meant just for you.

Adorable Home

Adorable Home has a summary, anime feel to it that other games can't capture. It revolves around a couple that you can customize, their pet animals, and their house decor. You can put together food combinations, groom your animals, and improve your home. The art-style is refreshing and unsaturated, which makes the game a lot more addictive. Usually, games with high aesthetic appeal fall short on delivering as a game, but here it's the best of both worlds.


Idle Life Sim

Another simulation with a funky art-style, Idle Life Sim performs similar to The Sims when it comes to the core functions. Customize your character in every way you want, create a world, build your career decorate your room exactly how you want it. You can even go shopping in this game, which isn't often seen. Another thing you can do is upgrade your items and max them out. As the character, you take important, life-changing decisions, too.

So imagine The Sims, but with a funky art-style and more features.

Lily's Garden

Lily's Garden is a sweet spot between a puzzle game, simulation game as well as a story driven game. There are elements of them all. You play as a soon-to-be mother, Lily and help her in th quest of trying to build a perfect new family home. Apart from the fun puzzles that are reminiscent of Candy Crush, you keep upgrading the exterior of your beautiful home and revealing the deep-set storyline full of mysteries.


You can download these games on Playstore and Appstore.

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