Miss Playing Outside? Try Playing These 5 Sports Games At Your Home To Kill Time

The ongoing lockdown has severely affected the lives of many. No one is allowed to step outside and confined to their respective homes. And there's only so much you can do while sitting in your room. For those who think they are missing out on the joy of playing outside, don't sweat (quite literally). We've made a list of 5 sports games that can you can enjoy in the comforts of your home.


5 Best Mobile Sports Game:

eFootball PES 2020

eFootball PES 2020 is a Football simulation video game published by Konami. In recent times, PES has dethroned FIFA Mobile as the best football game on the mobile platform. The game features some of the greatest football players and teams of all time, all of them licensed. Konami has worked a lot on its graphics and gameplay for this one and it shows.

You can easily participate in all of the major leagues of football, all while sitting at your home.

Available for download via Google Play and Apple App Store.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is a 3D Basketball game developed and published by Electronic Arts (EA). The game lets you play as actual NBA Superstars and compete against actual teams, thanks to its NBA licenses. Its unique Career Mode lets you choose a Superstar player of your choice and build a team around them. 

It's common knowledge that EA has produced some of the greatest sports games of all time, and NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is certainly one of them.

Available for download via Google Play and Apple App Store.

Madden NFL Mobile Football

Madden NFL Mobile Football is an American Football game developed and published by Electronic Arts (EA). The game lets you build your dream team of your favorite NFL superstars and legends and go head to head against your friends. Some of the better players can be unlocked by opening packs or through in-app purchases. Your ultimate goal in the game is to win the Super Bowl with your team.

Through Madden NFL Mobile Football, you can easily enjoy some high- octane NFL action on your mobile, completely free.

Available for download via Google Play.


As the name suggests, EA SPORTS UFC is another one of EA's sports games, based on the popular American mixed martial arts tournament. The game features over 70 UFC fighters in four different divisions and lets you battle it out in the octagon. It even features in-game Live Events where you can compete and earn rewards based on the leaderboards. 

As far as fighting games go, EA SPORTS UFC is most certainly a good choice really.

Available for download via Google Play and Apple App Store.

3D Tennis

3D Tennis is a tennis mobile game published by Mouse Games. As the name suggests, the game features 3D graphics and offers a fast and fluid control mode where you can hit the ball just by swiping your finger. It also features a World Tour Mode where you get to play matches around the world. 3D Tennis is your best if you want to enjoy some authentic tennis action on your mobile!

Available for download via Google Play.

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