Explore The Human Mind In Action Puzzler Figment: Journey Into The Mind, Now Available For iOS

Following a successful outing on Steam and console, Bedtime Digital has now released its award-winning action puzzler, Figment: Journey Into the Mind, for iOS.


The game takes place in an imaginative dream-like world that is the human brain. It explores concepts of fear and fortitude through the exploits of Dusty - the mind's voice of courage. As you start the game, you find Dusty in a bit of a funk. The mind is enjoying a prolonged spell of calm, which leaves Dusty without any fears to fight and very little to do.

All that changes when the mind is unexpectedly attacked by fearful thoughts that inadvertently create nightmarish creatures. Taking up his former role, Dusty must travel throughout the brain and battle the ghastly monsters to overcome the fears afflicting his world.

With your bird companion Piper by your side, you'll need to navigate your way through a winding world of pencil bridges, musical trees, and insect windmills. Figment is filled with imaginative quirks unique to its two distinct locations - Clockwork Town (which represents the left side of the brain) and Freedom Isles (the right side of the brain).

When not battling nasty beasties, you'll encounter a variety of puzzles in both locations, with those in Clockwork Town requiring a careful and considered approach, and Freedom Town tasking you to think laterally and creatively.

A rather nice dividend of Figment having been released on console and PC is that its iOS version is compatible with MFI, Xbox One, and PS4 controllers, which offers plenty of hope that it will closely match the quality and experience of its PC and console predecessors.

Figment: Journey Into the Mind is now available for iOS at $4.99. You can also give the first two chapters a try for free.