Best Brain-Training Games on Mobile

It's not easy to beat the quarantine blues if you don't have any cognitive stimulation apart from school or office work. Here is a list of games that will work your brain.



Lumosity is one of the most popular cognition-training games out there. This app has a clutter of games that test your memory, attention, and many more. The format and interface of the game are simple. This is a fun and interactive way of strengthening essential skills. Of course, for more facilities and target skill improvement you will have to buy the premium version of the game. But the free version tailors to the three main cognitive skills which are speed, memory, and attention, and give you three game modes with various difficulties to play at all times.

The training itself starts with a fit test to compare you to others of your age group and see how well you do and your percentage against them in the four aforementioned skills.

Brain Dots

Brain Dots is an actual game for your brain rather than tests like in Lumosity. The main focus of the game is for you to bump two dots. To make that happen, you need to construct thought-out lines that will make it possible for them to meet at a single point. This game targets flexibility of thought and problem-solving skills. It teases your brain just the right amount without being tedious.


Interlocked is mostly a puzzle game that serves up plenty of wooden pieces to fit together and form a figure. They are free-float on the screen and you have to form a clear picture of the shape in your mind before you can implement it. Once you do, the pieces start making sense in a pattern. Initially, it will seem easy like all these brain-training games do, but as you progress you'll notice that the blocks are more complex and it will really start to test your brain.

But don't worry, this game has a strong reward-system set up with plenty of achievements that will keep you pushing forward.

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