'Cricket Through The Ages' Get's A New Official Trailer Just Before Its Launch

Apple Arcade is just around the corner, and the line-up Apple Arcade games is just getting longer and longer. Developed by Devolver Digital, Cricket Through The Ages looks one of the most fun-casual games you can play. It is a button touch physics game based on the principals of cricket, involving a lot of violence and destruction based on the principles of cricket.

As a player, your job is to knock out the opponent by whatever object you can get your hands on before they do the same to you. Cricket Through The Ages will feature several game modes, including a multiplayer mode which will allow you to play against your friends. Sound fun, right?

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Cricket Through The Ages is all set to release as a part of Apple Aracde, it is expected to launch on 19th September 2019 itself along with Apple Arcade, but the same has not been officially confirmed yet! All we can do for now is wait and watch.