Fallout Shelter Online is now Available to Download In SEA

Today is the first day of June, and we have good news for all the SEA players. Fallout Shelter Online, the official successor to the single-player version of Fallout Shelter, is now launched in the SEA Regions. In addition to the Fault Management system in Fallout Shelter, Online players will encounter classic heroes from the Fallout Series to build a combat team to fight against dangerous enemies and start a new journey outside the Vault.


Fallout Shelter Online was officially announced at the end of May 2019; it is developed by the Chinese Studio Shengqu Games and published by Bethesda Softworks.

The game was already available in China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, but as we mentioned above Fallout Shelter Online has also released in SEA under Gaea Mobile which means that players from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan can also now download and play the game via Google Play.

Difference between Fallout Shelter and Fallout Shelter Online:

The concept and style of Fallout Shelter Online is similar to Fallout Shelter. The players still get to play the role of the overseer of the vault and take care of its prosperity, but unlike the original game, a plot and online battles have been added to Fallout Shelter Online.