Free Fire New Sniper Rifle M82B Details

With the Free Fire OB22 Update on 3rd June 2020, Free Fire is getting a lot of new features. You can check out the Free Fire OB22 Update Official Patch Notes for complete details of upcoming features with the update. With all of that, Free Fire is getting a new sniper rifle called 'M82B'.


Free Fire M82B sniper rifle is based on U.S. military's Barret M82, which is one of the deadliest weapons ever. Now, the Sniper Rifle is making its way to Free Fire with OB22 update in the Hot Zone (Classic Mode) and Clash Squad Store.

After the release of ice gun into Free Fire, players started asking the developers for a new item that can counter the gloo walls. As a result of that, developers are introducing the new sniper rifle with Ballistic Tips to reduce the power of the gloo walls.

The M82B sniper is not as powerful as the AWM but is capable of giving consistent damage to the gloo walls as well as players hiding behind them. It can penetrate gloo walls and deals 80% damage to the enemies behind it. Also, it is capable of dealing with 200% damage to the vehicles and gloo wall.

Free Fire M82B Sniper Stats

  • Damage Ratio: 150
  • Minimum Damage: 120
  • Magazine Capacity: 5
  • Effective Range: 60~90m
  • Movement Speed: 90%
  • Armor Penetration: 30%
  • "Ballistic Tips" – Penetrates gloo walls and deals 80% damage to enemies behind it. It also deals 200% damage to vehicles and gloo walls.

Get ready to penetrate the gloo walls and give a severe hit to the enemies hiding behind it after the Free Fire OB22 Update on 3rd June 2020.

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