Hellfire - Multiplayer Arena FPS By Tiny Roar Arrives on Android

While all eyes might be on the Bomb Bots Arena, by Tiny Roar, but they have quietly released another mobile game titled 'Hellfire - Multiplayer Arena FPS,' and it's pretty good. Hellfire is a fast-paced First-person shooter game where the strongest and most ruthless will survive.


Your aim in the game is to slaughter your competition and climb the PvP ladder for the ultimate domination. As the name, itself suggests hellfire is no place for rookies. It has no tutorial and does not teach you anything; the game will throw you against an online opponent who will break your bones if you don't do the same to him before.

The only assist you can get is to turn on the Auto Fire option so that at least one thing is off the list, and now all you gotta do is to dodge bullets and aim.

Hellfire is a pretty fast-paced game; you won't even get much time to think. The fights take place in a small area. So always stay on your toes and be aware of your surroundings, make sure to collect health and armor packets when on low HP. Also always collect weapons, especially the better ones which respawns in map time and again.

Fight according to your loadout, if you have a shotgun you should take close-range fights if you have a rifle take long-range fights. In the end, to conclude, all we want to say hellfire is definitely a must-try the game, but it does not have a lot of content, just the customize your character and fight that is pretty much it. Maybe future updates will add new features.

Hellfire - Multiplayer Arena FPS is now available to download via Google Playstore.