Top 5 Best Brawlers in Supercell's Brawl Stars

Supercell's Brawl Stars is a popular battle royale action game. It consists of a wide variety of characters that the player can choose from. However, some characters are only good for certain maps or play styles while others are all-rounders and win in most situations. Here are some of the best brawlers in the game that you should try out.



Currently, Jacky is one of the most overpowered characters in brawl stars. With both a high HP and high damage, she wins easily against any character in close range. Jacky has a close-range attack which is immensely powerful and will make the opponents run for cover. What's more, unlike other brawlers, Jacky's attacks can hit multiple enemies at once as well as pass-through walls. You should definitely choose Jacky for Gem Grab and Brawl Ball matches where the enemy team tends to move close to one other. The only drawback of Jacky is that her Super attack doesn't deal any damage. Jacky is a good choice for players who like a closed range play style.


The next brawler on our list is Nita. Nita's attack can pass through multiple enemies and hit them if they are lined up. She has a high HP and moderate damage. But, what is the most unique thing about Nita is her Super. Using Nita you can summon a bear that fights and hits enemies alongside her once the Super has charged up. This bear is AI-controlled and targets the closest enemy. You can make some cool plays using this Super and corner your opponent without suffering damage. In a Solo battle, having a helping hand will certainly give you the advantage and Nita is the brawler to do that. You can also use her in Gem Grab to hit multiple enemies at once as well as add an extra member to your team for defense.


Bo is a long-range brawler who shoots out explosive arrows. Even though his damage is stated to be low, shooting out three arrows at once compensates for it. However, unlike other shooting brawlers whose attacks move in a straight line, Bo's arrows spread out which allows you to hit an enemy trying to dodge the attack. Bo is simple to use and makes most opponents run away instead of facing him. Bo's Super is another attack that will help you in most situations. Bo sends out invisible mines as his Super that are only visible to you and your teammates. You can place them strategically and lure enemies towards the mines to defeat them. Bo is effective in all the maps and is a powerful asset for your team.


8-Bit is a long-range shooter brawler. With a very high HP and high damage, 8-Bit is brawler to fear. You can use him in all maps and trample your opponents easily. Coming within a range of 8-Bit's attack guarantee's that the opponent is going to be taken out. His Super is an interesting gadget that increases the attack damage for you and your teammates if they stand in its range. The only downside to 8-Bit is his slow speed but his other stats more than make up for it. Being able to withstand a large amount of damage, you can use 8-Bit to win both long as well as close-range combats.


The final brawler on our list is a medium ranged fighter. Poco has a moderate HP and attack damage. But the most useful and unique thing about this character is that Poco is one of the few characters who can heal himself and his teammates in brawl stars using his Super attack. You should choose Poco in team matches as he is the best support character and can increase the strength of the team many times. You can use him for all situations and get your team out of a pickle using his super heal.

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