Mario Kart Tour Gets a New Limited-Time "Trick Tour" Event.

The all-new Trick Tour event has made its way on to the tracks of Mario Kart Tour. As Nintendo releases the very final, feature-rich updates for the Bestseller Super Mario Maker 2 on Switch for free, Mario Kart Tour celebrates the wrap-up of the popular switch title with a massive update in its own game.


Nintendo has announced the two-week event with the addition of new characters and special Tour gifts. Based on the Super Mario Maker 2 characters, the racing game receives 2 new additions to its roster: Builder Mario and Builder Toad. Builder Mario can already be found in the first week of the event. He rides the bulky Dozer Dasher cart and deploys the Safety Glider during the high ramp jumps. Builder Mario also comes with the Hammer for players to make way on those challenging tracks.

Later in week 2, we get the Builder Toad. Builder Toad will be seen drifting the Clanky Cart along with the Starchute Glider. Builder toad will also use a special item called the Bob-omb Cannon to decimate those other carts up ahead. Each of these characters will also have their favored courses. While Builder Mario's favorite is the second course, Builder Toad will have it in the third course. This applies for all the cups and will help in boosting up the record points.

Some of the other exciting additions are the Tour Gifts. It covers the Shy Guy cup, the Landship Cart, and the Piston Glider. Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscribers will also get additional Tour gifts such as Baby Peach, the Gold Train kart, the White Royale kart, and the Barrel Hanafuda glider with enough Grand Stars acquired from the races.

Based on the classical favorite Mario Kart series, Mario Kart Tour is an action racing mobile game where players engage in fun and exhilarating races. Steer and drift through those well-crafted race tracks while performing multiple combos. Unlock new characters and racing tracks from the world of Mario Kart as you progress through the game. For more information visit the official page. Available on both Android and iOS devices.