5 Awesome Superhero Games on Mobile that every fan should play

Superheroes have currently taken over the entire entertainment world. From movies that gross over a billion dollars to top video games and comics, they are present everywhere. For the superhero fan inside you, here are some of the best mobile games available out there for you to try.

Injustice 2

Developer - Warner Bros. International Enterprises


Available on both android and iOS, Injustice 2 is one of the best superhero fighting games out there. While it could have just been a tie-in to the console version, the developers set out to do much more. The result is a game with high-quality graphics, console-like game mechanics, and one of the largest roster of superheroes and villains. The game comes with a story mode that allows you to follow the entire story complete with cinematic animations and fights. You can collect and play with popular heroes such as Batman, The Flash as well as villains like Lex Luthor, Joker. The game makes you choose your character strategically according to the opponent adding a new dimension to the fighting genre. This game is worth your time and your phone’s storage.

Download Injustice 2 via Google Play or Apple Apps Store.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Developer - Kabam Games, Inc.


If you are a Marvel fan, Marvel Contest of Champions is the mobile fighting game for you. This game boosts very smooth graphics and a big roster of heroes from Marvel Comics. You as the player have to gather a fighting team to protect the earth from being destroyed. You can select from a large variety of characters such as Spiderman, Wolverine, and many more. Another feature of this game is the alliance which allows you to team up with fellow players. These alliances can wage war on each other adding a fun dynamic to the game. This is an addictive game and a must for the marvel fans out there.

Download Marvel Contest of Champions via Google Play or Apple App Store.

Batman - The Telltale Series

Developer - Athlon Games, Inc.


Batman The Telltale Series is a narrative-driven adventure game featuring the Caped Crusader. Unlike other games that focus only on fighting, this game focusses on the character as well. You get to choose what Bruce Wayne/ Batman says in each scenario. The game lets the player enter the mind of Batman and become him. The game also includes investigation and crime-solving puzzles which tests your detective skills. Filled with interesting storylines, this is one game that every fan should try.

Download Batman - The Telltale Series via Google Play or Apple App Store

MARVEL Strike Force

Developer - FoxNext Games

MARVEL Strike Force is an action RPG game that does justice to its name. This game is packed with various features and play modes which makes you return to it every day. You are in charge of building a team of fighters from the roster of characters available. Apart from the regular campaign and mission, you can complete challenges and events to collect more characters. This game also has an alliance feature which lets you team up with your friends as well as other players. Complete with beautiful graphics, this game is a worthy addition to your phone.

Download MARVEL Strike Force via Google Play or Apple App Store.

DC Legends: Battle for Justice

Developer - Warner Bros. International Enterprises

Another RPG action game, DC Legends is one of the more surprising games to make it to the top. This game is well designed with beautiful 3D environments and characters. You visit and defend popular locations of the DC world such as Metropolis, Themyscira, and many more. The game allows you to collect and form your team from a wide list of heroes and villains. In addition, you can collect gear for these characters and upgrade them for new powers. DC Legends is the perfect game for all players who are fans of superheroes and enjoy story-driven campaigns.

Download DC Legends: Battle for Justice via Google Play or Apple App Store.

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