Free Fire Kill Confirmed / Kill Secured Mode Details & Guide

After introducing the old Game Modes in Free Fire, its time for a new game mode called 'Kill Confirmed Mode,' also known as 'Kill Secured Mode.' As mentioned earlier, the Free Fire Kill Confirmed Mode is available in the game from yesterday (19th April) and will be there until 23rd April 2020.

Kill Confirmed Mode has its origin from the Call Of Duty Franchise, and now other games have also started including it. The gameplay of Free Fire Kill Confirmed Mode is similar to the Team Deathmatch Mode.


In Kill Confirmed Mode, two teams consisting of 4 players each face each other in a small area on Bermuda Map. Both teams spawn at different ends of the map. As the match starts, all the players get to choose a set of weapons out of the four options available.

Both the teams have the aim of reaching the 80 points target before others. The points can be earned by eliminating the players of the opposition team and also by collecting the dog tags. All the players keep on getting re-spawned till a team reaches a score of 80 points.

A match of the Free Fire Kill Confirmed Mode lasts for 10 minutes, and both the team has the target of reaching 80 points before the time ends or the team with the highest points becomes the winner at the end of 10 minutes.

There is a +1 point for eliminating a player and +1 for picking up the dropped dog tags. Apart from the enemy's dog tags, you can also pick your teammate's dog tags to snatch the enemy team's point. If you make streaks of picking up dog tags, then you get points like +1, +2, +3... till the streak goes on. Once you die, the streak restarts from +1, but elimination points are fixed as +1.

The smaller map comes with fast-paced action and gives you an opportunity of making a unique strategy to beat opponents with surprises. You can also divide your team into 2, one for rush and other for support. Two players rush to the opponent team, and the other two players support them from behind. (All the gates are open to making unique strategies).

Apart from playing the matches in the Free Fire Kill Secured Mode, you can also earn some exclusive rewards between 19th April to 24th April. The rewards can be claimed after playing the specific number of Kill Confirmed Matches. The details are as follows:

  • Play 4 Kill Confirmed Matches - Neonlight Eggs
  • Play 8 Kill Confirmed Matches - Fantasy Egg Hunt
  • Play 16 Kill Confirmed Matches - Bunny Frenzy Parachute

The rewards can be claimed from the FF Wonderland -> The Party Is Not Ending tab. So get ready to secure your kills and earn some exclusive rewards in Free Fire Kill Secured Mode before it ends on 23rd April 2020.

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