PUBG Mobile: Simple Trick To Get Free Premium Crate Coupon

PUBG Mobile Season 0.18.0 Update has already arrived in the game bringing lots of exciting content such as Miramar 2.0, canted sight, and others. Also, Season 12 is almost over, and Season 13 will be starting in PUBG Mobile from 13th May, and we are pretty sure you are already super excited about it.

But we will talk about Season 13 of PUBG Mobile is some other post, today we are going to keep it short and teach you to get a Premium Crate Coupon in the latest version of PUBG Mobile and that too for free. So let's begin:


Here is How To Get Free Premium Crate Coupon in PUBG Mobile

  1. Open PUBG Mobile.

  2. Go to the Extreme Treasure Event.

  3. Tap the Rocket Icon at the bottom right.

  4. A new screen will Pop-up, Now Tap again, and

  5. You will now receive a free PUBG Mobile Premium Crate Coupon.

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Yes, it was that easy. PUBG Mobile always hides 1 Premium Crate Coupon in every new update. And make sure to follow us so that you can easily find the next coupon in the next PUBG Mobile update.