Here Is How To Write Fancy Name In Free Fire

Free Fire is an ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. The game is highly popular among the shooting game lovers, with more than 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store. If you have ever played the game, you must know that every player has to keep his/her name unique.

Sometimes the situation arises that the name you want to take has already been taken, or it might be the possibility that you are bored with keeping the names in simple fonts. So today, we are going to teach you how you can keep your name in the game with fancy fonts. It would be suitable for players facing any of the above-mentioned problems.

You must have noticed the names of players in super cool fonts, so today, we are going to reveal the secret behind it. Typing something in fancy fonts is not possible with the standard keyboard of the phone, so there is a need for some external aid. The external aid can be a third-party mobile app, or you can use various websites available to do the work online.


So in this article, we are going with the simplest method, which is using the websites to generate fonts online. Below we have shared the top 3 websites using that you can easily write fancy names in free fire:

In Cool Symbol, you just have to write the name you want to keep in the above 'Input Your Text Here' bar. As you write the text in the above bar, it automatically converts into the 80+ fonts, which you get to see just below the bar. Whatever font you want, just click on the copy button in front of the font and paste it in the game to change your name in that font.

It also offers you various symbols that you can insert in your text to make that look more cool and attractive. Apart from generating cool fancy text, it offers a lot of other features as well, such as Emojis, Lenny Faces & much more.


Lingojam is a fancy text generator that coverts the normal text into the fancy text. As you open the website, you need to write the normal text in the box that asks for 'Normal text goes here'. After writing the normal text in the box, you will get the fancy text in the other box mentioning 'And Fancy text will appear here...'.

It also allows you to 'Design Your Own Font.' This feature lets you create the font of your own choice, where you get to choose the design of each alphabet. So if you do not like the 50+ different fonts generated by the website automatically, you can create your own font.

Using Fancy text guru is quite simple and similar to the Cool Symbol website. You just have to type your text in the 'Your Text Here' bar. After that, it automatically generates different types of fancy texts for you.


You just have to click on any text of your choice, and it gets copied to the clipboard, and there is also an option to load more fancy texts as it offers 100+ different fancy texts. Simply paste the text in the game and start showing off your name to the players from all around the world.

So using these three websites, you can create your unique & stylish Free Fire name to make your friends jealous. If you still face any problem, do let us know in the comment section below.

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