Archero Action Mobile Game By Habby - Beginners' Guide, Tips & Tricks

Archero is the new action game that features a lone archer on a mission to kill monsters that are scattered over various worlds and dungeons. It is developed by Habby and was recently launched for both Android and iOS platforms. This game is one of its kind and has many features. Today we've come across a list of guidelines to help the beginners in Archero.


Be Quick, Be Better

In Archero, you can move your character by the joystick, but you can only shoot when you are still. Now, this is a bit tricky because you are vulnerable while standing still. So always try to keep moving and change your position behind the covers. You could see the enemy projectile coming towards you and will have enough time to dodge it.

But in the scenario of multiple enemies, you'll find yourself surrounded by their attacks. So, that will put your hand-eye coordination skills to test. Try to be quick and shoot when the situation is appropriate.

Think Before Using Your Abilities

The abilities can be unlocked once you level up in the adventure. These abilities will give you an upper hand, and it'll be easier to defeat those monsters. Each chapter will add new abilities that you can choose from. There are numerous abilities in Archero, and the selection is totally random and different every time.

Some of these abilities have defensive capabilities, some offensive and a few of them affect your hero, such as providing HP boost, attack speed boost, etc. Try unlocking all the abilities and make a suitable combination for completing the level.

Upgrade Your Existing Talents

Once you are in the game, you'll start earning coins for each enemy you defeat. These coins will help you to buy Talents and eventually upgrade them. Basically, Talents are the permanent augmentation to your hero. Don't forget that each upgrade is followed by a costlier upgrade. If you are focusing on enhancing the character, try conserving your coins.

The key point is that Talents are randomly upgraded. While spinning, if the upgrade lands on an existing Talent, it'll be converted into a better one; otherwise, the 'question mark' will unlock new talent for you. Along with this, save coins to maintain the characters' equipment. These can be either collected by defeating enemies or from chests.

Better Equipment is Never a Bad Thing

Besides the abilities and talents, your character possesses some types of equipment. This includes your armor, two rings, two minions, and of course, your weapon. Armor defines your max HP and weapon decides how much damage you would deal with your enemies, whereas Rings and Minions assist you while attacking. 

Each treasure chest rewards you with common great, rare, or epic equipment. Upgrading equipment requires coins as well as scrolls. You can even fuse your equipment to develop a better one. But you can't fuse common equipment with great, even if they are of the same kind. Many times, Talents will cost you more, so upgrading equipment would be a good idea.

Spend Your Gems Cautiously

Gems are another in-game currency that can be earned when you climb up in the game. They can be used to buy chests and other upgrades required for your character. You can even revive you, hero, during an adventure, but only once. Dying the second time won't give you another chance.

Run out of energy! Gems got your back and let you buy energy in order to play. I won't personally recommend you doing this as gems are very precious and difficult to earn. Rather try watching small ads to get free energy. You can earn up to 20 energy per day by watching ads, which is a much better deal than spending 100 gems for getting the same benefit.

Archero is available for both Android and iOS devices on Google Play Store and iOS App Store respectively.