Dream League Soccer - How to Get Free Coins in this Game

Want to play a football mobile game but don't know which one has everything that you need? Download Dream League Soccer to play one of the most accurate football mobile games of all time.


Dream League Soccer is a football mobile game where players are assigned to start a team and build it from the ground up. This results in combining different players and managing the entire team's resources. Players also compete in different matches against many other teams from the league.

While it can be exciting to start playing the game, Dream League Soccer entails a lot of time and effort from the players. You will need to learn a lot of things to enjoy this game. Here is a guide on how you can start playing the game, some tips and tricks, how to download, how to get free coins, and more.

  • Play Through the Tutorial
  • Play the Career Mode as Soon as Possible
  • Find Your Playstyle but Remain Open to Others
  • Learn How to Get Free Coins in This Game
  • Practice Short Passes and Apply Them in Every Game
Dream League Soccer - How to Get Free Coins in this Game
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Play Through the Tutorial

One of the most highly recommended pieces of advice that anyone can give you when playing Dream League Soccer is to play the tutorial.

The tutorial gives you all the basic information that you need to properly play this game. From learning how to play using the controls to managing your team and meeting all of your objectives to win the game, it is all provided in the tutorial.

Many of you might not be fond of completing the tutorial, especially if you have already played a version of this game before.

However, there is still a lot to learn about the game and you might find a few helpful tips that you might not have known before.

Set Your Controls Properly

The tutorial will give you the lowdown on what the game is all about including the control setup. The game offers a default setup for your controls but if you find it difficult or uncomfortable to play using the default setup, you can always change it.

Try to tweak a few controls first and see if it is on a comfortable level. Get familiar with the controls as well as the function of each button.

Remember that you will be using these buttons most of the time so you need to have a comfortable setup that will not strain your hands and wrists.

Play the Career Mode as Soon as Possible

Once you get to know the basics of the game after completing the tutorial, head straight over to Career Mode. The game does have other game modes that you can choose to play but Career Mode is where you get to test your skills.

Dream League Soccer - How to Get Free Coins in this Game
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You will need to play at least 15 matches before you get your rankings. Don't worry too much if you lose most of your games. It is expected that you'll lose a lot especially since you're still learning the game.

The game will provide you with enough coins to improve your lineup after playing a few matches. Take advantage of this freebie to recruit more skilled players to your team and you'll find it much easier to win more matches.

Try Out Other Game Modes Too

Dream League Soccer features three different game modes that you can play. The aforementioned Career Mode is one of the most popular game modes that is fitting for newbies to play.

Meanwhile, the Exhibition Mode is where you can harness your skills and practice different strategies since most matches are offline. This game mode allows you to create a team and even practice your controls.

Once you feel like you are ready to take on a more challenging team, go ahead and choose Dream League Live where you get to compete with other players online. Every match you win will boost your position on the leaderboard. Every week the leaderboard is reset so you will need to compete again. You'll also win a lot of in-game prizes if you compete and win matches in this game mode.

Find Your Playstyle but Remain Open to Others

There are a lot of play styles in this mobile football game. You can either go aggressive as you like or play defensively.

Dream League Soccer - How to Get Free Coins in this Game
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It is recommended that you try to experiment on different playstyles first through practice before you apply one for the entire game.

Mind you, there are different play styles depending on your rank. Some play styles might be best for low-rank games but there are other playstyles that you need to pick up when you reach the higher level of gameplay.

Be knowledgeable enough to know when to apply these play styles. In addition, you may want to try to balance between different playstyles.

Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Players

Having a high-level and skillful player is not always the best-case scenario. Sometimes, you won't even have enough budget to afford a single player on your roster.

The best way to get around this problem is to upgrade or evolve your current player instead. Upgrading adds more stats to your current player and it could even reach a point where the stats are quite similar to the expensive ones.

Of course, nothing beats the superstar players but if you're low on budget, this is the best possible solution for you to increase your chances of winning more matches.

Learn How to Get Free Coins in This Game

Many new players fall into the trap of selling their players at the start of the game just to get coins. This is one of the worst moves that you can make in the game.

Dream League Soccer - How to Get Free Coins in this Game
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Instead, play as many matches as you can so you can earn coins after each match. Once you have enough coins, you can start buying new players and selling the old ones.

The old ones might be sold for a cheap price but they will still earn you some coins. As you rise through the ranks, the number of coins you earn from playing will also increase.

This will help you afford more expensive and skillful players for your team. Make sure that you always play this game so you get enough coins to afford more players.

Watch Ads to Get Even More Coins

Like many other mobile games, Dream League Soccer also has ads. However, you can always take advantage of the opportunity to watch the ads.

Watching video ads will help you earn more coins. After each match, the game will provide an option for you to acquire a lot of coins and gems by watching the ads.

Go ahead and finish the video and by the time you get back into the game, you'll receive a tremendous amount of coins for you to spend on your team.

Practice Short Passes and Apply Them in Every Game

Since you already know that winning more matches means more coins, you should learn a few tips and tricks for how you can win more games.

Dream League Soccer - How to Get Free Coins in this Game
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One such tip is to learn and practice short passes. Short passes are less risky when playing the game since there is little to no chance of the ball getting intercepted by the opposing team.

Learn how to do short passes properly and practice them in the game. Use this technique early on so you increase your chances of winning more matches, especially in the lower levels.

It takes some time to master this technique but it is also one of the most important skills that you need to learn. Try not to hold the ball for too long as it will increase the chances of it getting stolen by other players. Be quick and pass the ball whenever you have the chance.

Watch Out for the Stamina Bar

Playing the game can sometimes be exhausting but you're not the only one that gets tired from constantly playing the game. Your players will also need to take a break. Always watch out for the stamina bar for each player on the team.

Once it is depleted, your players will get tired and will have a hard time keeping up with the enemy. While it depends on the intensity of their action, it is still best to keep an eye on their stamina bar and let them take a break before they get exhausted.

Make sure that you don't have anyone who has an orange bar before you start the match. Take the time to let your players rest for a while before you put them back on the field.


These are just a few tips and tricks that you can apply in your next game. Make sure that you follow the tips above, especially on how to get more coins in the game since it is one of the most important aspects of gameplay in Dream League Soccer.

Dream League Soccer is now available to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.