The Baby In Yellow - Learn How to Get Energy

Lovers of horror are always looking for unique games. These are games that don't feature your regular ghosts, zombies, or maniacs wielding axes and looking to get your head off your neck.


Perhaps one that is as unique as any is The Baby In Yellow. This isn't your typical babysitting game, and it has a fanbase numbering up to millions in number.

Babysitting can be a nightmare, but how bad can it really be? This article takes you through the game The Baby Un Yellow and tells you more about playing the game.

  • Introducing The Baby In Yellow
  • Key Features of The Baby In Yellow
  • Puzzles and Hidden Collectibles
  • How to Play The Baby In Yellow
  • Downloading the Game
The Baby In Yellow - Learn How to Get Energy
Image Source: Team Terrible

Introducing The Baby In Yellow

A single-player offline simulation, The Baby In Yellow's developers say playing the game could be the last time you consider babysitting. Why? Maybe because the baby you are to look after is designed to be a horror for you.

The Baby In Yellow - Learn How to Get Energy
Image Source: Team Terrible

The Baby In Yellow is the most popular game developed by Team Terrible, where you are to babysit a child for five nights in a row. The child, just like the game says, is a baby clothed in yellow that seemingly doesn't start off as horror. Nonetheless, having red eyes and being perched on a table could be an early pointer to what you are going to experience.

Things start to go amiss at the early points in the game, and then you realize that this isn't your typical night of babysitting. Teleportations, automatic door locks, and diapers penetrating through walls are just a small glimpse of what you can expect.

The Baby In Yellow is one game that you will enjoy as a lover of indie horror. It's one of the best horror games you can find on mobile, offering five chapters, hidden collectibles, brilliant ragdoll physics, and even puzzle solving.

Why You Should Consider Getting the App

If the idea of babysitting horror doesn't seem interesting to convince you, then knowing that the game has over 10 million downloads and an average 4.4 rating from over 230,000 reviews could be the convincing you need.

Additionally, the game is rated 12+ on the Google Play Store and 9+ on the Apple Store requires storage as low as 129MB, and is compatible with an extended series of devices and operating systems, ranging from macOS and iOS, Windows to Android.

Key Features Of The Baby In Yellow

The Baby In Yellow is a game that offers just the right amount of features for an enjoyable experience. The first feature we could talk about is the multi-level game mode that builds up to an epic showdown.

The Baby In Yellow - Learn How to Get Energy
Image Source: APK Pure

The game is divided into five chapters which represent the different nights and levels you have to go through. Each night or chapter comes with a challenge of its own and requires you to perform ordinary tasks like changing diapers and putting the baby to sleep.

Of course, these ordinary tasks come with challenges of their own, mainly coming from a baby with evil superpowers, and you have to scale through them to get paid.

Jump scares in the game give it the appropriate horror feeling that gets you both frightened and excited about what to expect. These scares range from unexpectedly finding the baby staring at your face with its big red eyes to having objects suddenly fly at you.

Other Features to Expect

One other feature that makes the game more interesting include the ragdoll physics. This brings a little bit of realism into the game.

The Big Head Mode is one you can anticipate while playing the game. What justifies putting a not-so-cute baby in an oven? Play this mode to find out.

Puzzles and Hidden Collectibles

Puzzles and hidden collectibles within the game add to the overall fun. You don't get to the next stage or level without solving these puzzles or finding the hidden items, so you have to take your eyes away from the baby and keep them sharp for other items within the game.

The Baby In Yellow - Learn How to Get Energy
Image Source: APKTroid

The first puzzle you face is a basic one where you have to find the crying baby. The baby isn't in the bedroom where you recently laid it to rest, meaning you are pushed to go through the house to find the baby, comfort it, and put it back to rest.

The puzzles, however,  get even harder as the game progresses. You have to decode cryptic messages spread across the house that direct you to the next steps to take. These cryptic messages are placed at multiple locations by the Baby In Yellow and usually just direct you to do the regular chores that babysitters do.

Finally, the last set of puzzles is what determines whether you gain freedom or not. They are a set of codes and a lullaby that you need to make use of during your escape from the building. You need to know just when to effectively use these items to gain your freedom.

What Are Hidden Items?

Hidden items are also forms of puzzles that are important within the game. These items are usually keys that lead to rooms in the house where you make discoveries. These discoveries are integral to the progress of the game's plot.

From keys to the parent's room where you are forced to go by the baby's mischief to keys to a storage room where you find out that the soul of the previous babysitter is trapped in the house forever, you don't know what these hidden collectibles hold.

Perhaps one occurrence that gives you comfort in the whole mess of horror that the game offers is that you help the old babysitter's trapped soul escape from the baby's grasp.

How to Play The Baby In Yellow

The Baby In Yellow isn't plagued with a barrage of features, but its essence lies in the story mode and the unpredictable actions to expect from this seemingly possessed baby. By starting off in normal mode and finishing in escape mode, you get an idea of how the story goes.

The Baby In Yellow - Learn How to Get Energy
Image Source: YouTube/  Max Horro

You begin by regularly babysitting the child and taking care of its every need. The game is basically centered around stopping the baby from crying, changing its diapers, and feeding it. However, these regular actions come with a twist.

The child terrorizes you with teleportation and its telekinetic powers which it uses to make the simple task of changing diapers as difficult as possible. Other powers which you may expect from the horror baby include reality-warping, cloning, and object manipulation.

The normal mode ends where the baby traps you in the Carcosa dimension and transforms into its real self—the Outer God Hastur. This serves as a setup for the escape mode, where you as the babysitter are required to get out of the apartment building with the help of a white rabbit drawing, codes, and a soothing King's Lullaby.

Understanding the Different Chapters in the Game

As previously mentioned, The Baby In Yellow is split into five chapters and these chapters are split into two groups; Normal and Escape.

The Normal group includes Night one, Night two, and Night three of regular babysitting activities mixed with a little bit of supernatural disturbance. Night three ends with the child transforming and trapping you in Carcosa.

The "Escape" chapters are only two in number: Pickman's Madness and Exit. In Pickman's Madness, you'll find yourself in another apartment after the escape elevator gets stuck. The Exit level is where you finally make your escape.

Downloading the game

As mentioned previously, the game is available on a multi-device and cross-operating system basis. This means that you could get it on your personal computers and mobile devices, as well as across iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

The Baby In Yellow - Learn How to Get Energy
Image Source: YouTube/  Team Terrible

Downloading the game on mobile is different from downloading the game on your PC though. To download the game on mobile, you simply go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store and click on the install button.

If you have up to 129MB of free space, the game installs instantly. You also need at least 3MB of additional free space for extra game resources.

To get the game on your personal computer, you make your way to Team Terrible's official page for The Baby In Yellow. There are separate directories for download based on your operating system and you choose the most appropriate.

How to Install The Baby In Yellow on PC

Installing the game on PC is not as straightforward as its mobile counterpart. This is because the PC version is downloaded as a Zip file.

To install the game, simply unpack the downloaded file through your regular file explorer or a third-party app. Once this is done, you locate "ue4_prerequisitesx64.exe" in the unpacked file and run it. This is the game's installation program.

After successful installation,  you run the game by simply double-clicking "Game.exe". Now it's time for one of the most horrific babysitting experiences you may come across.

The Baby In Yellow - Learn How to Get Energy
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Overall, the Baby In Yellow is an easy game to play that only requires that you keep your cool and pay close attention to all details presented to you. You survive mild hardships like just being disturbed from watching TV to greater threats to your life like escaping being kidnapped by a "child".

With this guide, you should be ready to take on this horror game and babysit like a pro.