Pokemon GO Throwback Challenge 2020 Johto: Everything You Need To Know

The second week of Throwback Challenge in Pokemon GO is underway with the spotlight on the Johto region. There is a similar number of research tasks that remains to be completed and an encounter with a legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh. The Research Tasks will last till May 15, 1:00 p.m(local time). More on all of this below.


Pokemon GO: Throwback To Johto

Get into the simpler days of Gold and Silver's Johto region with the Throwback Challenge: Johto. Dunsparce and Skarmory will appear quite often in the wild, with the former's shiny a possibility.

This time, the event special Pikachu will be wearing an Umbreon hat, since it was voted as Johto's number 1 Pokemon in a poll. The event is best for levelling up your Pokemon because of the double bonus on stardust from catches and raids.

Pokemon GO

Hatching 7km eggs will get you Chinchou, Yanma, Girafarig, Pineco, Dunsparce, Gligar, Shuckle, Skarmory, and Phanpy. Gym raids and the research field tasks will also fetch you some of the familiar 2nd gen Pokemon. Here's a full list of Pokemon and their types that appears after completing each set of the total 8 tasks:

  1. Xatu (Psychic/Flying)
  2. Pineco (Bug)
  3. Miltank (Normal)
  4. Misdreavus (Ghost)
  5. Hitmontop (Fighting)
  6. Skarmory (Steel/Flying)
  7. Piloswine (Ice/Ground)
  8. Donphan (Ground)

After completing these 8 tasks, the ultimate task will get you an encounter with the Legendary Ho-Oh. The dual fire/flying type comes with an event exclusive special move "Earthquake". Ho-Oh is a tank in terms of its defense stats, but it is not a meta in league matches. Nonetheless, its a pretty cool Pokemon to have registered in your Pokedex if you haven't done it yet.

Niantic had updated that this time, the ultimate task awards you only with 5 rare candies, instead of 10 as seen in the Kanto Challenge. The rest of the 5 candies will be available in the first page of the next Throwback Challenge: Hoenn.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android, with Throwback Challenge 2020: Johto now live.

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