A Guide To Playing Little Nightmares II

Playing Little Nightmares II is one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. There have been countless close calls and shocking surprises that have left me scarred for life with this game. However, I highly praise this game's macabre art and atmospheric vibe.


Little Nightmares II introduces us to our small and fragile protagonist named Mono alongside his trusty friend, Six. In this game, we get to discover how delicate a child's psyche is and what trauma can do to a child with its surprise ending. 

To learn more about the game, check out the following:

  • Uncovering The Nightmare
  • Tips For Playing Little Nightmares II
  • Observe Your Surroundings
  • Work With Six
  • Take A Peek
  • Dying Isn't The End
A Guide To Playing Little Nightmares II
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Uncovering The Nightmare

Little Nightmares II is somewhat of a prequel to the first Little Nightmares game. We follow the story of Mono, who must survive the horrors of Pale City and uncover the sinister secrets that would, later on, affect him. 

A Guide To Playing Little Nightmares II
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He is also joined by a friend who is also the protagonist of the first game - Six. Together, they must survive an onslaught of terrifying creatures ranging from a long-necked Teacher to the Thin Man.

Where To Download Little Nightmares II

Developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco, Little Nightmares II is available for download on Steam for Windows PC. It is also made available for Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The game will be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S later this year.

Tips For Playing Little Nightmares II

In Little Nightmares II, the player must explore the world by traversing through platform-like environments. Players can do more things in this game than in the previous one. 

A Guide To Playing Little Nightmares II
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Actions such as grabbing, swinging, and breaking items can be done and fight off smaller enemies.

However, Mono will have to use stealth with the help of the environment to beat larger foes. 

Here are some tips to help you when playing Little Nightmares II.

Slide To Hide

The first thing that I realized in this game is that it is not an action-packed game, unlike many other horror games in the genre. Personally, I like how Mono has to rely on stealth to beat the enemy. There is one maneuver that is very important that will help players get through some of the most challenging areas in the game.

The running slide is one of the most essential moves that all players must master. It is pretty handy in several areas in the game, especially during boss fights. Sliding in and out of obstacles and hiding from larger enemies will help you get to safety.

To do this, hit the crouch button as you sprint towards your destination. Mono will run towards the area and slide forward to duck for cover. This can be done to hide underneath tables, slide through vents, or get away from a sticky situation.

Observe Your Surroundings

The environment in Little Nightmares II might be dark and brooding, but it offers some of the best hiding places in the game. 

A Guide To Playing Little Nightmares II
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At the start of the game, I tend to look around my surroundings first and see the areas where I can duck for cover. Players will need to be very vigilant with their surroundings as it sometimes offers hints of what's to come.

This is also highly advisable since the game does not have any form of dialogue between characters. There is no way of telling where the game is heading next, so I would have to rely on some cues from the environment and the sounds. 

I would rather suggest that you try to use headphones while playing the game so you can hear everything.

Interact With Objects

Speaking of the environment, there are many things that can be picked up in this game. Make sure to interact with the environment as much as possible. I could save a trip down a certain path by simply trying to topple down a pile and cross to another platform.

The game will provide you with hints on what to pick up and use throughout your journey. If there are visual cues, it is most likely worth picking up. There are many times that a certain object propels the game and helps me get to safety.

Work With Six

There are certain times in this game that it can be pretty difficult. However, things can be a lot easier thanks to Six. 

A Guide To Playing Little Nightmares II
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Six is another character in the game that I interact with, and she often helps me a lot during sticky situations.

Make sure to work with Six. There are certain obstacles wherein you will need an extra hand for it to work. Six can help you with these areas and help you cross different platforms or even help distract the enemy for you to complete your objective.

Keep An Eye On Six

As much as I would like to work with Six, there are also times when she struggles to keep up with me. This is not an issue in the game. Be sure to keep an eye on her, especially when she's scared.

Whenever she's scared, all you need to do is hold her hand and guide her to safety. Stay with her for a while before moving on to your next destination. Give her time to breathe for a while.

Holding her hand during combat or when running away also helps you avoid losing her. As much as you might be tempted to dump her, you will need her help later on.

Take A Peek

When introduced to a new location, I always want to see what's ahead of me first. This would help me spot areas where I can take cover. 

A Guide To Playing Little Nightmares II
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This is one of the most important aspects of the game. It is crucial to scan the area first for traps and monsters that may be lurking ahead.

Use the camera controls to take a sneak peek at what's ahead of you. This will help you plan your actions accordingly and avoid dying needlessly in the game. Having the ability to scan the area will also be more significant in the game's later stages.

Choose Your Battles

I've come to know that Little Nightmares II is far from being an action-adventure game. Mono does have some combat abilities, but he cannot go head to head with every monster or creature that he encounters in this game. It is still much better to hide and wait for the threat to pass before moving on.

This is why it is important to choose which enemies you would want to fight. Usually, I would try and fend off monsters that are around my size. Anything bigger than that would be a sign to either run away or hide as fast as possible.

If you do choose to fight, make sure to grab the best item for the job. Hammers and other weapons can be used to smash smaller enemies, but they also create noise that might trigger larger creatures to rush in. Be careful and pick your battles.

Dying Isn't The End

Dying is one part of the game that I had a hard time coming to terms with. There are many times when the game becomes very difficult, and I would end up dying a lot. 

A Guide To Playing Little Nightmares II
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I know that death does not always mean that you get to start from the very beginning.

You will only start at the nearest spawning point and get another chance at playing the game differently. Learn what worked before and what didn't. This is the key to avoiding dying a lot in Little Nightmares II if you are one of those that are highly competitive.

Players will need to be very skilled in solving puzzles or getting out of bad situations. However, if you do die, there's nothing wrong with it. Simply respawn and try the game again but have a different plan and see how it would work.

Unlock The Secret Ending

Without spoiling the ending of the game, Little Nightmares II has a secret ending that many players have not yet discovered. 

All you need to do to unlock the secret ending is to find the glitching remains that are scattered across the game. You can find four glitching remains in the Wilderness and four at the Hospital. There will also be six in the School, and the last four can be found in the Pale City.

Collect all of them and finish the game as usual and a new cutscene will appear at the end of the game that will bring a new perspective to the rest of the series.


Little Nightmares II covers a lot of ground with its characters. But it is the unique gameplay, grizzly setting, and unsettling atmosphere that truly rattles my bone. 

However, I hope that the tips mentioned above will help make the game a bit easier and more enjoyable for you.