Krulk is an upcoming adventure puzzler for iOS and Android

Krulk is an upcoming 2d adventure puzzler from Black Mole Studio, where players will have to rescue a Cavemen who is trapped inside a mysterious dark cave. The game will be released on both iOS and Android platforms in March this year.


Players will have to solve various puzzles which are a combination of both environment and memory where it could be anywhere from remembering the cave painting and memorizing and using various tools. The cave is really sketchy because it houses various modern technology stuff, alien looking sculptures and dragon fountains.

Everything in the game looks slightly bit odd like the picture above has 3 sculptures a painting with a dinosaur, a large pipe flowing out and nothing makes sense which makes it even more intriguing but all that’s been deliberately. Krulk will be landing somewhere around March this year on both App Store and Play Store. The game might be a free-to-play but nothing is confirmed yet.

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