Discover How To Get Coins In City Boom

Some mobile games introduce some complex mechanics or unique gameplay that make them interesting, and then, there are some like City Boom that are released to help us pass the time. 


What I like about this game is that it is not ambitious nor pretentious when it comes to its gameplay. It is rather a simple game that aims to entertain us for several hours but also keep us on our toes.

It's an addictive game with explosive action as you guide a missile to destroy city buildings and clear the way towards your main goal: to destroy the main building at the center of the city. While the game is very simple, here are some tips on how to play the game, learn about how to get gold, and more with my guide below.

  • Hit The Right Spot
  • Upgrade Size Of Missile
  • Double Your Profit
  • Hit Highlighted Buildings For Extra Diamonds
  • Grab Floating Missiles
Discover How To Get Coins In City Boom
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Hit The Right Spot

Playing City Boom is all about controlling the missile as it launches and hits the intended target. At first, I couldn't reach the goal which can be found at the farthest point in the city. 

Discover How To Get Coins In City Boom
Image Source: APK Pure

However, that doesn't mean that there is no way for players to get their missiles that far. There are many ways to complete each level and get to the target building, but first, you'll have to learn how to use the meter. 

At the start of the game, there is a meter that automatically swings, and it is up to you to hit the right spot. Hitting the correct amount within the meter would determine the time the missile will travel. 

Make sure to hit the middle so you can make the missile travel farther.

Collect Gold Coins After Each Try

Once you get to launch your missile, you should be able to control where it goes. I make sure that I hit as many buildings as possible at the early stages of the game. Every time I hit a building, it blows up and lets me earn points. 

These points are then calculated at the end of each trial which will result in gold coins. I can then select whether to collect those gold coins or double the amount that I get. Always make sure to collect those gold coins as they will come to play later on in the game. 

These gold coins are highly valuable in City Boom if you want to get to your target. For now, go ahead and make sure to destroy as many buildings as possible and collect those coins.

Upgrade Size Of Missile

Remember when I told you to collect and save those gold coins that you earned a while ago? There's more to it than just collecting them as prizes. They are very useful to the game as you will need those gold coins to upgrade your missile. 

Discover How To Get Coins In City Boom
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The more gold coins that you earn, the more you're able to upgrade your missile. One of the best upgrades is to increase its size. 

Increasing the missile's size would also increase its area of destruction, thereby effectively increasing your income as you can destroy more buildings with just one missile. 

Keep on upgrading the missile size until you can destroy an entire city block.

Extend The Distance

Apart from upgrading the size of the missile, try to consider upgrading the distance that the missile travels as well. Upgrading the distance traveled by your missile also means you can target any building in the area. 

Later on, you would know that there are specific buildings across the entire city that have a special interaction whenever you destroy them. Try upgrading the size of the missile a few times first and then move on to extending the distance. 

Having this upgrade means you can also get to the target building, but you will still need to increase the size and power of your missile to destroy the final building. 

Double Your Profit

After each round, I've already mentioned that the game will calculate all the points you've earned from destroying buildings. This is how important destroying buildings are and how effective you are at toppling them down. 

Discover How To Get Coins In City Boom
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At the end of each round, you also get the option to double the number of gold coins that you earn. Choose this option whenever you gain a good amount of coins, especially if you hit the ten thousand mark. 

This option does not always appear at the end of each round, so make sure to hit as many buildings as possible and then double your profit, especially if you think that you've done well for that round. 

Another great way to double your profit is to upgrade the coin multiplier buff. This option is found at the bottom of the screen in line with the other upgrades.

Make Your Move Fast

Apart from upgrading your missiles and hitting the right target, there is another mechanic introduced in the game. 

Many players tend to be busy upgrading or ensuring that they hit the right spot without noticing that whenever a building gets destroyed, a team of construction workers start to rebuild the building after a few seconds of idle. 

This is why it is always best to make your move fast before the workers can restore the building, and you'll have to start all over again. Time your attacks right and make sure to leave as much destruction as possible so the workers will have a lot of reconstruction to do.

Hit Highlighted Buildings For Extra Diamonds

There are three types of buildings that can be destroyed in this game. The orange ones are the common buildings that are usually destroyed to harvest gold coins. 

Discover How To Get Coins In City Boom
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The main target is the tower at the farther end of the city, which will end the game. However, there is also one type of building that will not only give you the gold coins you need to upgrade but also diamonds which is the premium in-game currency

You'll notice that there are highlighted buildings all over the city. While they are easy to destroy, they can be surrounded by other buildings and are usually very far away from the starting point. 

Make sure to upgrade both the distance and size of the missile as fast as possible so you can reach these buildings.

Purchase New Rockets Using Your Diamonds

You may be surprised that aside from other upgrades, there are also many types of missiles to choose from in City Boom. Different kinds of missiles are readily purchasable at the in-game store; however, they cost diamonds. 

This is the main reason why I recommend targeting the highlighted buildings more often to get more diamonds in the game. The more you get diamonds, the more unique missiles you get. Some missiles travel faster, while others have a massive area of effect. 

There are about eight different missiles to choose from, and each of them has its unique abilities. Try each of them and see which ones fit your playstyle the most, and continue your path of destruction within the city.

Grab Floating Missiles

There is still hope in getting another missile for those who don't have that much patience in the game or are unlucky enough to have little or no diamonds in the game. 

Discover How To Get Coins In City Boom
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You can get a chance to change your missile type whenever an icon floats around the screen. Simply tap it, and the main missile will change. I was able to switch to the blue missile, where it has a different trajectory but has a wider area of destruction. 

This allowed me to do a lot of damage to the city and be able to collect more diamonds in the game. Make the most out of the missile to destroy the city as the free missile only lasts after a few rounds.

Complete Each Level By Destroying The Target Building

With all the upgrades and the different missiles try and gather as many diamonds and gold coins in the game, the ultimate goal to complete each level is to destroy the target building at the farthest end of the city. 

Using all the upgrades and your best missile, launch a missile at the right moment and make sure that the path is clear from other buildings. 

The extended travel distance of your missile alongside the enhanced power should finally take down the target building at this point, thus allowing you to win the level.


City Boom is a relatively simple mobile game and doesn't take a lot of complex mechanics or fancy gameplay to entice us. It's a great way to spend time if you're either stuck in traffic or waiting for the bus. 

Hopefully, the tips I've mentioned above will help make your time in the game much easier and more fun. City Boom: Destruction Game is now available for download at the Google Play Store for Android devices.