Call Of Duty Mobile: Bizarre Tricks In The Game You Never Knew

Call Of Duty Mobile is undoubtedly one of the best FPS mobile games currently available in the market. It broke several records upon its release with over 100 million downloads over the first week alone and has also won the Mobile Game of The Year in 2019's Game Awards. It never failed to drop in standards throughout 5 seasons, holding Activision's Mega Franchise at the top in mobile gaming.


Now we are in the midseason of "Once Upon A Time In Rust", with even more interesting updates to come. The existing vast range of different weapons, Perks, Scorestreaks etc grows with each update, making room for more diverse gameplay.

A Youtuber known by the name of HawksNest has been uploading a series of episodes called the MythBusters since its release. These are videos of a duration of about 4-7 minutes where he busts some of the craziest COD: Mobile myths from the internet. And we are going to share a few useful, bizarre tricks from the 9 episodes that you can employ in COD: Mobile, taking the fun factor up to the next level.

1. The Power of Smoke Grenades

Call Of Duty Mobile

Smoke Grenades are the most essential tactical grenades in any FPS game. Other than the traditional usage of cutting enemy's line of sight or providing you cover for a few seconds, there's much more to smoke bombs In COD: Mobile. Smoking a Sentry Gun can deter itself from firing upon you and your teammates. You can also smoke yourself to avoid an incoming Shock RC, but it will zap you after the smoke clears out. The enemy UAV won't detect you if you smoke yourself until it clears out.

Despite these advantages, smoke grenades won't stop an enemy Hunter Killer Drone from pursuing you. On an interesting note, the enemies inside a smoke are barely visible in low settings, while in high settings, the smoke covers them up completely.

2. Trophy System is a Life Saver.

Trophy System is a portable tactical device that prevents incoming grenades from triggering. And it just doesn't stop at that. Trophy System can stop a Predator Missile, but as long as you don't stand right on top of it. It also stops incoming VTOL fire, Hunter Killer Drone, Sparrow, War Machine, Molotov and other grenades.

Trophy System won't save you from a Gravity Spike or a Nuke though.

3. Bring VTOL to a Search and Destroy

Having a hard time in Search and Destroy? Try this out: Try to Kill 4 enemies and destroy 2 of your own Trophy Systems, while you have your Hardline perk equipped. Call in a Care Package and voilà! Finish off your enemy team with a VTOL, even before they reach the Bomb sites in one of the rounds. Unless every single one of them has the Ghost Perk equipped, which is highly unlikely.

4. Other Interesting Tricks You Should Know

Gravity Spikes can be evaded if you jump at the same time. A Transform Shield can also stop Gravity Spikes from the front.

Sliding can still be heard with the Silent perk, but not jumping. The Alert perk ignores the enemy's Silent perk as you can still hear their footsteps.

Sparrow can take down enemy's aerial scoretreaks. You can also destroy the copter carrying enemy's Care Package.

A Shock RC can trigger a Trip Mine, but doesn't completely damage it. Shock RCs can also capture objectives without any allies standing within the area.

A Hunter Killer Drone can take down another Hunter Killer Drone head-on. A Predator Missile can be used to hit a VTOL. On the other hand, A VTOL can destroy an enemy UAV.

That's all for some of the bizarre tricks that you might just find it handy. Check out the latest episode of HawksNest's Mythbusters down below.

Call Of Duty Mobile is available on android and iOS.

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