Tears of Themis - How to Make Cards Stronger

With so many games released for the mobile platform, it can be very difficult to find a unique and interesting game to play. Luckily, I was able to discover an interesting game coming from the widely popular gaming company MiHoYo called Tears of Themis

This mobile game plays like a manga with a well-thought storyline. We follow the story of a rookie attorney who gets entangled in a conspiracy. 


The goal of the game is simple: get to the bottom of this case and win. However, it might not be so easy so here's how to play the game, learn more about cards, how to make the cards stronger, and more with my guide below.

  • Take Time to Read the Story
  • Logic, Empathy, and Intuition
  • Learning More About Cards
  • How to Make Your Cards Stronger
  • Level Up Your Cards
Tears of Themis - How to Make Cards Stronger
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Take Time to Read the Story

Apart from the amazing anime-style graphics in the game, I was initially also drawn to the main storyline of Tears of Themis. I highly recommend that you take the time to read each episode of the story to get a good insight into where the game is heading. 

Pay close attention to certain details as they reveal a lot of the gameplay involved. I find it difficult to skip certain episodes as the storyline is quite engaging. 


Make sure to avoid skipping them as they are very integral to the game especially when it comes to solving the case. There are a lot of hidden clues based on the conversations alone so take the time to read the story. 

Finish the main story and you'll also get rewards.

Play the Game and Unlock More Cards

I know the storyline can be very engaging especially if you like the anime-style graphics of Tears of Themis. However, the main goal is still about winning the game and the only way to do this is to build a deck of character cards


I was able to unlock more cards once I reached level 7 and was able to unlock a support deck by level 10. Having these features unlocked allows me to expand my deck. 

This makes playing the game, earning experience, and leveling up even more important. Continue playing the game and earn points to garner experience. The more I play the game, the more I find myself wanting to find out how this will be resolved in the end.

Logic, Empathy, and Intuition

Since we're already talking about gameplay, Tears of Themis has a very unique combat system that involves the use of logic, empathy, and intuition. 

Tears of Themis - How to Make Cards Stronger
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All three types of arguments have a rock-paper-scissors mechanic wherein logic, which is blue, beats empathy. 

Empathy, marked by pink, can cast a shadow of doubt against intuition, and intuition, marked by a green triangle, provides good insight that is not commonly seen with logic. 

Combat in Tears of Themis is played through a debate. You'll be up against another character in a spar of words played via a collectible card game

How to Win a Debate

Combat in Tears of Themis is rather unique in the sense that there is no action involved. Everything regarding combat is based on arguments that will render an opponent's health down to zero. 

All I needed to do was put a solid argument against the opponent and slowly whittle their HP down. On the other hand, if I do fail to provide a good argument, the enemy is able to deal damage. 

I also passively receive damage based on the number of arguments that are left in the debate. Whenever I have no more turns left, I immediately lose the debate. The best way to win the debate is to provide counter-statements that are represented with the cards on my deck.

Learning More About Cards

You will need a lot of cards in this game to win different debates against other opponents. Most of the time, these cards correspond to the main four protagonists of the game that I get to meet early on in the game. 

Tears of Themis - How to Make Cards Stronger
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Each card represents a certain point of view on the topic during the debate. Each card has its stats such as influence and defense as well as skills. 

This is where logic, empathy, and intuition come to play as these cards are heavily influenced by these factors. 

I recommend having at least one card of each type on your deck so you'll always have a card to throw to your opponent during a debate.

Check the Level Info Screen

Before going to a debate, I always check the level info screen of my opponent to make sure that I am prepared for my arguments. You can see the dominant attribute of the card by checking out the icon beside the name of the opponent. 

If ,for example, the main attribute of the opponent card is Intuition, expect to have an argument that is largely based on intuition so I tend to use cards with empathy as the main attribute as we already know that empathy beats intuition. 

This enables me to deal greater damage causing them to lose more from the argument.

How to Make Your Cards Stronger

Now that you have a deck full of cards, it is time to learn how to make them stronger so you can win more debates later on. There are different types of cards based on their rarity and power. 

Tears of Themis - How to Make Cards Stronger
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SSR cards are the most powerful ones but SR cards can also compete in terms of power levels. Enhancing a card makes them stronger. Use your duplicate card to make card fragments and use them to enhance the card of your choice. 

You will also need the in-game coins known as Stellin to pay for the amount to upgrade the card. Another great way to enhance cards is by participating in the event called Trials of Themis where you will have to go through several challenges to collect the rewards.

Evolve Your Cards

Another great way to upgrade your cards is to evolve them. Evolving cards would require you to reach the max level first. Play more games and see to it that you have reached the max level. 

Meanwhile, you can gather certain materials like attribute-linked chips and other special tips that are needed to properly evolve your chosen card. 

For example, if you want to evolve an Empathy-based card, you will need to gather the required amount of Empathy chips and a good amount of Stellin to begin the process of evolving your card.

Level Up Your Cards

The goal in the early stages of the game is to get my cards to level 40 then later on to level 70. This should be your top priority as it allows you to win more arguments through the sheer power of your rare SSR cards. 

Tears of Themis - How to Make Cards Stronger
Image Source: Pro Game Guides

To level up the cards, all I had to do was finish the missions and receive Oracles of Justice as a reward. This will help you enhance your card even further by adding more damage to certain argument types which means there's a good chance that I can win more arguments. 

Another great way to get Oracles of Justice is by participating in time-limited events. Events often feature rewards and other rare items that I can take advantage of. 

Compared to finishing missions, joining events is far better at providing me with Oracles of Justice.

Manage Your AP Properly

AP plays much like an energy system in most mobile games. AP is needed to unlock certain chapters and is necessary to access certain levels. Whenever I am out of AP, I have to wait until the game refreshes or gives me more AP to work with. 

There is also another way to get more AP but it will cost me a lot of money by purchasing S-Chips which can restore up to 60 AP for up to 10 times every day. At the start of the game, I don't worry too much about spending a lot of the AP. 

I can play around six stages before I deplete my supply of AP. Once you run out of AP, I recommend using the free S-Chips you get from rewards to replenish your AP and continue playing. This is best for those who are engaged with the storyline and want to see how the story unfolds.


Ultimately, the goal of Tears of Themis is to solve the mystery. This can only happen by winning more debates and uncovering information. Everything in this game is all about finding important details by reading through the dialogues for hints and clues about each character's motivation.

I really like Tears of Themis because it is one of the most unique games that I have ever played. It is currently available for download on the Google Play Store for Android devices.