Among Us: Frequently Asked Questions - The Ultimate Guide

Among us is the new trend in the gaming industry; the game that most of the people were not even aware of for the last two years has sprung so high that be it a kid or grandfather, everything is enjoying this game. Thousands of new players from all around the world are getting in this game, and to help the newbies. We have taken the most Frequently Asked Questions about Among Us by the Beginners and have answered them all. So let's Begin: 

How To Win In Among Us?

As a cremate, you can win by kicking all the impostors out of the spaceship or by finishing all the tasks. On the other hand, as an imposter, all you have to do to win is to kill all crewmates (or get them ejected). My personal tip for crewmates will be to remember the color of people around you, walk-in groups, and finish tasks quickly. For imposters, make sure you Sabotage to divide the crewmates and use the powers of going through vents to kill silently.


What is Double Kill in Among Us?

While playing Among Us, you might have heard many players talking about double kills, and if you are new to the game, you might not get what they mean. Double kills refer to two imposters killing two crewmates at the same time and place. What this does is that it eliminates the risk of one crewmate quickly pressing the report button and telling everyone about the situation.

What is the meaning of 'Sus' in Among Us?

Everyone keeps typing 'Sus' in the chat, and if you are struggling to find out what exactly it means, then let us help you. It is an acronym for 'Suspicion'. So when someone says that 'I sus Red' they mean they suspect Red.

How To Sabotage in Among Us?

The impostors are given the power to Sabotage. The impostors can sabotage Doors, Oxygen Reactor, Lights, and Cooms to help them in taking out Crewmates without others noticing. The impostors can Sabotage easily by clicking on the sabotage button on the bottom right and then clicking on any of the available sabotage options.


How To Use Vents in Among Us?

Every map has a network of Vents, which can be used by the impostors only to travel from one room to another without actually moving in the open. The impostors can use vents simply by going over any Vent and pressing the vent button at the bottom right of the screen (the button only appears when you are standing over a vent).

How To Close Doors in Among Us?

Only Impostors can close the doors in Among Us, and they can do so by using the sabotage option and clicking on the door option.

How To Fake Tasks in Among Us?

Faking tasks is one of the essential things an impostor should know how to do. The best way to fake a task is to first learn the location of each task and then get an idea roughly how much time it takes to complete a particular task. However, keep in mind that you don't try to do a visual task, or people will know you are faking.


What is a Visual Task in Among Us?

Visual tasks in among us refers to those tasks which other players can see you doing that task. For example, 'Empty Garbage' on the skeld map is one such task.

How To Be an Impostor in Among Us?

You cannot choose to become an Impostor or Crewmate in Among Us; the game itself chooses the players' roles. Both Impostors and Crewmates are randomly selected, and this is why you would see some players quitting the game as soon as it begins because they wanted to be the impostor but weren't.

So that is it for this post, if you have any more question about Among US that has been left unanswered, then make sure to down them down in the comments section below, and we will try to reply at the earliest.

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