See How To Get Diamonds In Mergest Kingdom

Wouldn't it be fun to create your settlement starting from scratch and develop it into a vast kingdom by simply merging items and resources? The Mergest Kingdom is a mobile puzzle game that allows players to collect, mix, match, and merge various resources and items. 


Whether you want to bake bread, build structures, or start a farm, the choice is yours to fulfill your destiny. Watch the story unfold before your very eyes as you begin to unlock more areas on the map, explore more terrains, collect various resources, and merge them to create new and exciting things. 

You can design your island and build your kingdom with the help of the tips below, including how you can collect resources, where to find diamonds and more.

  • Collect And Merge Resources
  • Prioritize Essential Actions Before Running Out Of Energy
  • Plant Crops To Earn Gold
  • Perform Other Tasks While Waiting
  • Merge Items As Much As Possible
See How To Get Diamonds In Mergest Kingdom
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Collect And Merge Resources

The Mergest Kingdom is all about finding resources, collecting them, and making the most out of them. The mobile game doesn't have the fanciest gameplay, but it is steep with strategy. Most of the time, I was having problems when it comes to gathering the resources that I need to level up in the game. 

See How To Get Diamonds In Mergest Kingdom
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I find it very interesting that the game heavily leans on this gameplay instead of the usual fight for your resources. 

In this game, players will have to seek out resources within the map and start collecting them. However, each resource takes up a tile and once every tile in the map is full, merging them is the key to opening up more options. 

Continue collecting and merging these resources to level up, get more coins and receive more chests.

Take Advantage Of The Find Button

The game incorporates many other gameplay aspects apart from just gathering and merging resources. A lot of times, I find myself completing different quests. Most of these quests involve preparing food or crafting an item based on the resources found in the area. 

Sometimes, the map can get large, and I would be spending most of my time scouring the island for the resources that are required for the quest. Then, I found out that there is a shortcut way for me to collect all the items needed to complete the quest, and it's the Find button. 

The Find button immediately takes all the resources needed that are currently available on the map and gathers them immediately to create the item. This makes it way easier for me to finish quests and receive the rewards much faster.

Prioritize Essential Actions Before Running Out Of Energy

The game has an energy system that limits the number of actions I do. This makes the game highly strategic while restricting how many hours a player can play and progress. 

See How To Get Diamonds In Mergest Kingdom
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While I understand why the developers do this, having the energy system makes the game feel constricted. This ultimately means that you will need to conserve energy and use it properly. 

Prioritize essential actions first before running out of energy. This means finding resources and gathering them should be at the top of your to-do list. 

And while most actions do reward me with energy, there will come a time that all of the energy will be exhausted, so I'll have to wait until it refreshes it.

Get Experience And Unlock More Areas

Almost everything I do in the game will result in gaining experience points. Whether it is chopping wood or gathering wheat from the nearby field, I will collect experience crowns.

Experience is key to unlocking many other game features, including unlocking certain areas in the map. Opening up more areas means unlocking new features such as new resources, new challenges, new enemies, and even more. 

A word of advise before you try to unlock a new area - make sure that you have taken advantage of all the resources within your map. Gather everything first before you open up a new area so you'll have everything you need to finish those quests.

Plant Crops To Earn Gold

Gold coins are precious resources that can be found almost anywhere on the map. It is also required by nearly every transaction in the game. Later on, you'll discover that every move that you make will require you to use your gold coins

See How To Get Diamonds In Mergest Kingdom
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This is the main reason why starting early is the key to having a lot of gold coins later on. The first thing you do in the game is plant crops that will help you earn gold coins. 

Plant and harvest these crops and then make the bread as part of the quest. Completing the quests will help you earn experience and level up. By then, you should be able to collect a lot of gold coins. 

Collecting other resources would also reward you with a few gold coins.

Complete Achievements To Collect More Gold Coins

While earning gold coins would mean hard work for the player, I've discovered another way to earn gold coins that is much easier to do. There are a lot of quests and achievements needed to be unlocked in the Mergest Kingdom. 

While playing the game, the option found on the left side of the screen is both the quests and achievements tab. Tap on both of those options and check out the goals for each phase of the game. 

When you reach those goals, you'll also be able to unlock different achievements, which will reward you with both experience and coins. Sometimes, they even reward you with diamonds as well.

Perform Other Tasks While Waiting

Performing tasks in the game will require a lot of waiting. Whenever I plant new crops, a timer will count down the remaining seconds or minutes for me to wait until it is fully done. 

See How To Get Diamonds In Mergest Kingdom
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These tasks can sometimes take up to a few minutes. Complex tasks can sometimes take up to an hour, sometimes even an entire day. Building structures and other complex tasks pretty much take a lot of time to complete. 

While waiting, I tend to do other stuff like harvesting some crops or merging planks of wood. Always make sure that you are doing something within the game and exhaust all your energy before logging off.

Patience Is Key

The Mergest Kingdom is all about waiting. Sometimes, I get impatient with how the game is going, especially when waiting for crops to grow, wood to chop, or even how long buildings are built. 

There are still a lot of things to do in the game but what you need is patience. Patience is the key to getting ahead, so keep a cool head. Do all the necessary resource collecting that needs to be done and merge them. 

If you are out of energy or don't have anything else to do anymore in the game, it is best to log off and try again the next day or wait until the game refreshes all of your energy.

Merge Items As Much As Possible

At the start of the game, you'll immediately discover that the game is all about merging items. Harvesting crops, chopping wood, baking bread, and making different things are just some of the fundamental aspects of the game. 

See How To Get Diamonds In Mergest Kingdom
Image Source: APK Pure

However, merging these resources is the core aspect of gameplay. Merging items allows you to create new items and expand your territory

There are so many things that can be merged in this game. From wood to wheat down to buildings and even gems and dragons, you can merge them all. Merging in this game allows me to discover and create new things that can be useful for the rest of the game. 

Try to merge different items and see what you get. Play the game with your own rules and see where it leads you.

Level Up To Get Diamonds

Diamonds, apart from gold coins, are the in-game currency used by many in the game. While diamonds are mainly purchased through the use of real money, they can also be found in chests and rewards from leveling up. 

Make sure to complete all the quests and missions to gather enough crowns and experience to level up your account. Leveling up rewards takes around five diamonds for each level, so collecting and saving them is best. 

Another good way to get diamonds is by collecting chests and opening them. They often give a good amount of diamonds to add to my collection.


Playing the Mergest Kingdom can be very tough, especially for those who are still new to this type of mobile game. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will give you a good headstart and prepare you for the game's later stages, where things begin to feel challenging. 

Apply these tips early on and develop a habit of merging items you've collected, leading you to discover even more interesting things in the game. The Mergest Kingdom is now available for download on all mobile devices at the App Store and the Google Play Store.