Learn How To Get Coins In Moonshades

Whenever I play high fantasy games today, I often have the nostalgic experience of fantasy games in the past that have some of the best and most immersive experiences ever. I've searched for a game for a long time and discovered Moonshades


Moonshades is a dungeon crawler RPG reminiscent of the old-school role-playing games. In this game, I embark on a quest within a realm filled with magic through a series of levels and dungeons.

Playing Moonshades is unlike any other RPG that I've played. It can be very challenging for new players to get into the game, especially with the controls and how things work. Here are some of the basic tips, as well as how you can learn to play the game, start your adventure, get gold coins, and more with the guide below.

  • Create Your Own Adventure
  • Get Your Quests
  • Use The Well
  • Finding Gold Coins
  • Learning The Different Item Attributes
Learn How To Get Coins In Moonshades
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Create Your Own Adventure

After downloading the game, I was able to immediately jump into the adventure by creating a character. Creating a character is not that complicated, and all I had to do was choose from a bunch of presets and select the gender of the character that I want to play. 

Then, I can name the character by tapping on the current names that they have, and tapping on Start Adventure would throw me into the game. 

I would remind you that there are no advantages to starting with a certain character preset in the game, so go ahead and choose whatever character design you like. Additionally, there are no classes at the start of the game.

Entering The Blacksmith

This is the initial spawning point in the game. It is filled with different items and characters that I can interact with. What's special about the Blacksmith is that this is also the location in the game where I can purchase items, craft new ones, sell my old ones, and manage my inventory. 

This is also where I can test out the combat system in the game by using the dummy. I suggest taking a swing at the dummy to get a good understanding of how combat works in Moonshades. 

It does get a little bit of getting used to, so make sure you are familiar with it before you step out into the wild. The dummy will also provide you with information on how much damage you deal against enemies.

Get Your Quests

The Blacksmith is a special non-playable character in the game. He is also one of the characters in the game that will give us the first few quests. 

Learn How To Get Coins In Moonshades
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Go ahead and check out the Blacksmith once you are done with the dummy and talk to him. You'll get a lot of quests, and most of the time, they are very simple such as collecting a certain item or defeating a certain number of foes. 

I've received a good amount of rewards from completing the quests from the Blacksmith, so make sure to finish those quests at the earliest possible time.

Learn To Manage Inventory Space Early On

I didn't notice early on in the game that Moonshades has some of the most restricted inventory slots that I've ever had. I discovered later on that I could only bring about 20 or so items within my inventory. 

This isn't easy to manage if you are fond of collecting different items in the game. It can also be very challenging later on when I need different items for many other purposes. For this reason, it is always best to try and learn to manage your inventory space early on in the game. 

My way of doing this is to place some items that I don't necessarily need as of the moment into my storage space and only take them out with me if required by the quest. If you plan on spending some money on the game, you can purchase additional inventory spaces for gems.

Use The Well

Within the area where I first spawn in the game, I noticed that there was a well illuminated by a glowing blue light. There wasn't anything fancy apart from the glowing light, but I soon noticed that this is an essential aspect of the game, especially when you go out for your quest. 

Learn How To Get Coins In Moonshades
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The well replenishes your health and resurrects your fallen character. Always make sure to visit the well before you go out on your next quest so your health can be full. 

You'll also replenish your mana pool by just tapping on the well or looking down on it. Dead characters will be resurrected with full health and mana as well. 

Take advantage of this well, especially when you're about to go on a difficult mission. However, the well will take some time to replenish itself, so use it wisely.

Focus On Crafting Later In The Game

Many players would want to start crafting new items in the early stages of the game. Having the best items is a good strategy to progress in the game; however, there are many items that I can easily purchase or use in the game without having to craft a new one. 

Items are very easy to find in this game, so there's not much emphasis on crafting early on. However, it all boils down to what items you can craft in the latter stages of the game. 

I was able to save up on certain item recipes, which give out a random item with a chance of getting epic or rare items. Having rare or epic items late in the game is a massive advantage, so be sure to have those secured at the later stages. Don't waste your time crafting new items early on.

Finding Gold Coins

One thing I've noticed in Moonshades is that gold coins can be very challenging to find. Gold coins are commonly used to purchase new items and upgrade them. They are also used to purchase health and mana potions. 

Learn How To Get Coins In Moonshades
Image Source: Caamecci / YouTube

To find gold coins, all you need to do is look around you as you go through the dungeon walls. I've noticed before that there are some stone walls that have a very peculiar stone. 

It seemed like they were out of place. This is a telltale sign that there is a hidden wall behind it. Tap on that wall to reveal a secret room, and you should be able to discover treasure chests. Open those chests and receive gold coins as well as new items.

Sell Items For Gold Coins

Gold coins can be hard to find in this game, but there is another way to get them apart from finding them in treasure chests. Remember that I mentioned you'll be able to get new items from these chests and that your inventory will only have limited spaces available. 

Another way to manage your inventory is to sell the items you do not need or have no value to your character anymore. Some of these items include basic items or those that are classified as common. 

Common items give around 15 gold coins, while higher-class items give more. Selling these items at the Blacksmith will help clear your inventory from useless items and make space for a proper item.

Learning The Different Item Attributes

Speaking of items, you'll also need to learn that they include attributes that increase their potency against your enemies. Having a good set of items apart from their classification means you get to progress in the game much faster and deal with enemies better. 

Learn How To Get Coins In Moonshades
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These attributes include power which increases both physical and magical damage that you deal; dexterity increases your critical hit and allows you to dodge; defense attribute increases your defenses and reduces the damage you take.

There's also spirit that increases mana and mana regeneration, vitality that improves health, and finally, luck which increases critical chance as well as magic find. 

These attributes will determine the type of role you play in the game. Choose these attributes wisely.

Play The Game Everyday

The best advice that I can give you right now is to play the game every day. Every day I log in and play, the game rewards me with freebies that help me progress quickly. 

Playing every day also helps me better understand the mechanics and finish different missions to gain even more gold coins and get to the end. Explore different levels, especially the Arcane Dungeons, where you can get a lot of items. 

These unique dungeons have a lot of mobs, so be careful when you enter them. You'll also be solving different puzzles, and completing these dungeons would reward you with chests that contain epic or even legendary items and additional gems. 


These are just some of the essential tips for success when it comes to playing Moonshades. If you are a fan of high fantasy games, then this dungeon crawler is highly recommended for you to play. 

Moonshades is now available on the mobile platform and can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and the App Store.