See How to Get Diamonds in 1945 Air Force

Take control of the skies and ride an aircraft as you go on a daring mission against your enemies in 1945 Air Force: Airplane Shooting Games. Whether you want to play alone or together with your friends, 1945 Air Force offers a fun gaming experience for everyone.


In this action-packed flight mobile game, players can pilot popular aircraft from that time and engage in a fight against different types of enemies including enemy planes, helicopters, turrets, and more. 

Some might not be able to grasp the gameplay immediately but don’t worry. I’ll guide you through how to play the game, earn gold coins and diamonds to use for your planes, and how you can collect prizes, rewards, and more with my guide below.

  • Collect Gold Coins as You Go
  • Call for Reinforcements
  • Use a Different Aircraft
  • Play Everyday to Earn Free Prizes
  • Play Together with Friends
See How to Get Diamonds in 1945 Air Force
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Collect Gold Coins as You Go

In 1945 Air Force, I pilot a basic aircraft that shoots down opponents that happen to come along my way. The gameplay is rather simple: destroy enemy aircraft before they destroy you. 

See How to Get Diamonds in 1945 Air Force
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However, not everything in this game is quite easy. There can be tons of enemies flying around at any given time so I have to find a way to dodge all the projectiles coming my way by swiping left and right. 

Whenever I do shoot down an opposing aircraft, they release gold coins. These gold coins will come into play later on and I’ll discuss this with you down below. 

For the moment, go ahead and collect these gold coins whenever they are on the map.

Pick Up Power-Ups

With so many things happening on my screen, there is bound to be something that I will miss. I try my best to collect as many gold coins as possible but there is one other thing that I noticed as I was playing the game. There are other collectible items that can be used to help me get through each level. 

These are called power-ups. Power-ups can be collected by destroying enemy aircraft and flying over them. There are different power-ups in the game such as the magnet which attracts all the gold coins on the screen so I don’t have to fly over them just to collect the coins. 

Then, there’s also a damage boost which increases the damage output from my aircraft. There are still a lot more power-ups to discover in the game so make sure to collect them whenever they are available.

Call for Reinforcements

1945 Air Force plays just like an arcade game where I get to shoot down enemy aircraft and earn points. There are times when I do get overwhelmed with so many enemies trying to shoot me down. 

See How to Get Diamonds in 1945 Air Force
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And while power-ups can help mitigate the increasing difficulty of the game, there is still another option to help clear a swarm of enemy planes in an instant. 

Whenever the option is available, I always call for reinforcements which sends a large plane to swoop in and destroy everything in that specific area. 

This is highly useful especially if I get overwhelmed with the number of enemies in the game. Take advantage of this option when you feel that you need help.

Look Out for Enemy Turrets

Playing 1945 Air Force can be very chaotic at times. Sometimes I don’t know where enemy planes appear from or where the bullets and missiles come from. It can be very hard to keep up with what’s going on on my screen. 

There are a lot of enemy aircraft that try to shoot me down in this game, so much that it can sometimes fill up the entire screen. Even after calling for reinforcements, they continue to swarm. There are also enemy turrets that try to shoot me down from the ground. 

These turrets have rapid-fire attacks which can be difficult to dodge especially if I’m also trying to avoid crashing into enemy aircraft. Be aware of the turrets on the ground and shoot them down first.

Use a Different Aircraft

Now that I have collected enough gold coins at this point in the game, it is time to upgrade my aircraft or better yet, use a different aircraft that either has better firepower or a different firing pattern. 

See How to Get Diamonds in 1945 Air Force
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Having an upgraded or better aircraft would make the game much easier as it allowed me to destroy enemy planes faster. 

This is the reason why I highly suggest that you collect all the gold coins that you can at the start of the game. 

You won’t be feeling the pressure during the early stages of the game but when you do get to the higher levels, you’ll regret not upgrading your aircraft.

Check Missions Before Playing

Another good way to boost my gold coin income in the game is to complete different missions at each level. Before you start playing each level, the game will announce a certain mission for that specific level. 

I noticed that most of these missions would simply require me to destroy a certain percentage of the enemies, so it is very easy to do. However, the missions on higher levels can be very difficult but they also provide a good amount of prizes as a reward. 

Always check your missions before you play so you’ll know the objective for each level and be able to earn gold coins without playing the same level again.

Play Everyday to Earn Free Prizes

There is something addicting about playing 1945 Air Force that I’ve recently discovered that encourages me to play the game every day. There are a lot of free prizes waiting to be collected if players play the game for consecutive days

I highly suggest that you also try to play and earn these prizes as they are quite helpful in boosting your chances of surviving the higher levels in the game. 

Some of these rewards include gold coins, diamonds, and even new aircraft if you are lucky enough. 

Go ahead and play more to get these amazing prizes.

Complete Daily Tasks and Get Diamonds

Apart from playing the game every day and completing all the missions for each level, the game also has daily tasks to entice you to play the game even more. These daily tasks reset every 24 hours so you can always come back to the game and collect even more rewards. 

Most of these tasks simply include defeating several enemy planes or finishing several levels within the day. Make sure to prioritize reading the daily tasks first before you set out to play the game so you’ll know what your objectives are for playing the game that day. 

Once done, collect all the prizes including diamonds and gold coins that you’ve earned so far before you log off from the game and start all over again the next day.

Play Together with Friends

Apart from the action-packed gameplay, 1945 Air Force also has tons of features that many players can enjoy. The mobile game can be played offline but the online features make the game even more interesting. 

See How to Get Diamonds in 1945 Air Force
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Once connected to the internet, players can add their friends and enjoy the PvP feature where you get to compete against other online players to reach the top of the leaderboard based on the score that you earned. 

I can also play together with friends with the co-op game mode where I can gather a squadron and begin attacking the enemy. 

Get to meet other players from all over the world by activating the online features and earn new friends.

Join a Division and Get Rewards

Speaking of online features and friends, the game also has a guild-like feature called Division where I get to team up with other players from the same clan and get a chance to play a more difficult game. 

This feature is highly recommended for those who have gathered enough gold coins and made significant upgrades to their planes. 

The difficulty level in this feature is very risky for those who are still new to the game however, I would still encourage players to seek out a Division so they can also gain the rewards from playing with their mates.


What I like about playing 1945 Air Force are the historical airplanes that are available for players to use. Aircraft like the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, B-17 Flying Fortress, and even the Grumman F6F Hellcat are just some of the most popular aircraft that were used in battle during that time in history. 

For those who want a roaring good time, this action-packed mobile game is certainly for you. 1945 Air Force is now available for download at the Google Play Store for users of Android smart phone devices, and the Apple App Store for all iOS smart phone device users.