How to Get Free Gold on Ice Man 3D

Everyone wants to be a superhero. And it is not necessarily jumping off buildings wearing a red or a black cape, saving the citizens of Gotham. That is why the gaming universe would continue to be loved as being a superhero just depends on the game you play and how well you play it.


Ice Man 3D is a new version of ‘superhero cool’. Freezing up the bad guys and shattering them to bits with your fist is awesome. That is why I felt this article is important as it would not only help you get free gold in the game, but it will help you enjoy the game even more.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Ice Man 3D and how to make the most of it with gold and skins.

  • About Ice Man 3D
  • How to Download
  • 3D Graphics and Skins
  • How to Earn Free Gold
  • Tips to Stay Longer in the Game
How to Get Free Gold on Ice Man 3D
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About Ice Man 3D

Ice Man 3D is a fun superhero game where your character uses his superpowers to stop bandits and their bosses from destroying the city. Your superpowers are two contrasting abilities of ice and fire which you would combine to annihilate your enemies to your will.

How to Get Free Gold on Ice Man 3D
Image Source: YouTube/ KSArcade

The game is developed by Lion Studios who are popular for developing Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, and Love Balls. Your job is to become their protector as the citizens would be helpless without any savior. Using your powers, you become a formidable force for them to tackle.

With over 5 million installs on the Google Play Store, lots of other users are joining in the fun and using their icy powers to become superheroes. 

The game is free to download and play, but there are in-app purchases that you may need to buy which costs between $2.99 - $6.99 per item.


There are different levels in the game with increasing difficulty in minions and bosses. After each level, you get to fight the boss of that level, and with each level, you are awarded coins as rewards for your efforts. These coins can be used to purchase new skins, buy superpowers and projectiles in the store.

Your superpowers would begin with the icy cool on your right hand and the heat blast on your left hand. A combination of these two powers becomes useful as you can freeze an enemy to slow them down and blast them with fire to break them off without having to get close.

To progress in the game, you can purchase additional powers like Frost Nova, Blizzard, Frozen Hand among other cool skills. As the bad guys become tougher through the levels, you must also be ready and upgrade your powers to be able to stop the bosses and their minions.

How to Download

Ice Man 3D can be found on the Google Play Store and the App Store. To search, type “Ice Man 3D” on the search pane at the top of your screen, and select the correct result from the list of selections.

How to Get Free Gold on Ice Man 3D
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On the installation page, click the “Install” button and accept all the permissions the game requires to run smoothly on your device to begin download. 

After successful download and installation, you can launch the game and start being the superhero you have desired to be. 

The game is packed with several features, let's learn more about them below.

Superpowers and Skills

Possibly the major feature that makes the game fun is the superpowers your character has and gets to unravel. Ranging from the basic ice and fire blasts to laser beams, blizzards, hail storms, frost nova, frozen hand, and more.

The contradicting skill of ice and fire gives the game an edge and is useful in the game to defeat the bad guys. 

Some powers are temporary and after the timer runs out you have to attack your enemies, so act fast and kill them while they are weakened.

3D Graphics and Skins

This feature is important to be followed by the first feature because it helps to enhance it. For a superhero with cool powers as mentioned, it is always better with high-quality graphics as it helps the players enjoy the game even more. 

How to Get Free Gold on Ice Man 3D
Image Source: YouTube/ Brown Gaming

Ice Man 3D left me satisfied as the graphics are pretty good for a superhero game. The game is also responsive and realistic, so that is another checkmark for user experience. 

Skins are like upgrades to your superpowers. They come in the form of different gloves that when purchased, enhances and gives you different versions of your powers and different effects. You will see all the skin types in the store which range from the blue crystal to the green crystals for either glove.

Through the levels, you face harder and harder bad guys and bosses. It is only fair because, with your new skills, it would have been too easy if the difficulty remained the same. The enemies also increase in number so you have to become faster in your attack and defense.

How to Play

The game is not just fun, but easy to play as well. To use your hands, which are where your powers come from, you simply have to drag your finger around your screen. Both hand controls are done by dragging your finger across the screen in different areas of the screen.

The right side of your screen is for your right hand, which is for ice to slow down the enemies and freeze them down completely. Then, you get to use the left side of the screen to shoot fire blasts at the frozen statues to shatter them to pieces.

The left side includes an aim for precision.

How to Earn Free Gold

So how then do you get free gold? It could take a while to purchase skins and get new skills since the gold that is given at the end of levels is not enough even if they are accumulated over time.

How to Get Free Gold on Ice Man 3D
Image Source: modapkgame

There are two ways to get free gold an easy way and a hard way. The hard way involves playing the game as it comes and progressing through the easy and hard levels to get coins at the end of each level.

This way may take a long time and considering there is an easy way, you might want to weigh your options first.

The Easy Way

Come to think of it, this method of getting gold coins is not that easy either. But I'll leave that up to you to ultimately decide.

It involves replaying simpler levels with low difficulty and gathering as many coins as you can to cover all your purchases. That way you get coins quicker as you are more powerful than your enemies at these stages. Better still is if you have been able to add new skills to your arsenal.

A little downside is that simpler levels tend to give fewer gold coins. But, with your strength, you should finish the levels quickly and complete several levels in minimal time.

Tips to Stay Longer in the Game

My only tip is one which you might already be familiar with and already use: be quick and make sure you destroy all the villains quickly before you even get close. You can achieve that by maximizing the combination of your skills together – fire and ice.

How to Get Free Gold on Ice Man 3D
Image Source: modapkgame

From the beginning levels, you may not need to rush to kill your enemies, but as you progress, the wave of minions increases in number, and the boss’s health increases while they become difficult to defeat as well. 

With the skills and abilities you acquire, you become ever more powerful with the increase in your enemies.

More Tips

The radar is the last tip I would like to share. The radar as I like to call it is that red arrow that shows the direction your enemies are coming from. Utilizing the radar would make you know the enemies to prioritize first if they are coming like a swarm towards you.

That way, you can freeze up some enemies at one side and focus on other bad guys from the other size. You are a superhero, remember? Staying alert is another superpower given to you in the form of the radar.


The harder way is more noble and the best way to obtain gold coins from the game. It is how the developers intended it to be – a form of progression and advancement as you kill more bad guys.

The more levels you pass, the more gold coins and gems you acquire, and the skills and skins you get to purchase with them. It’s a whole fun journey aside from the experience of the game itself. I hope this article was helpful and will help you to enhance your gameplay with your new piles of gold!