Punishing: Gray Raven - Learn The Best Way To Farm 5-Star Weapons

Similar to other action-oriented mobile RPGs, Punishing: Gray Raven offers fast-paced action and an engaging storyline. However, what makes PGR different is the complex mechanics and the ability to have full control of my characters in combat. 


This gives an entirely new experience to gamers who are tired of auto-battles and uninspired gameplay mechanics. Due to the complex nature of the game, PGR can sometimes be very difficult to get into. 

But don't worry — I've gathered tips and tricks on how you can start playing the game, farm for 5-star weapons, learn about upgrading, and more with my guide below.

  • Learn The Different Constructs
  • Choose The Best S-Grade Construct
  • Gain Experience Through Playing The Campaign
  • Choose The Right Memories And Weapons For Each Character
  • Best Characters To Pull In Punishing Gray Raven
  • Watch Different Tutorials
Punishing: Gray Raven - Learn The Best Way To Farm 5-Star Weapons
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Learn The Different Constructs

Punishing: Gray Raven has unique gameplay that is very different from other games of the same genre. Players can control and make moves in real-time as they battle the opponent. 

This alone makes the game highly strategic, and there is more emphasis on making special moves against the enemy. With that in mind, these characters known as Constructs are divided into three different categories. Each of these types of Constructs offers value to the team. 

The Attacker is the main damage-dealing group, while the Tank soaks up all the damage. The Support buffs and heals the entire team, making them even more formidable. Mixing and matching these three Constructs make for a solid team. 

Having a good mix of Attackers, Tanks, and Supports makes for an amazing team that can rampage through the enemy line. Be sure to learn what each Construct can do before putting them in your team.

Elemental Damage Is Essential

Apart from learning what each Construct can do in battle, they are also infused with elemental properties. These elemental properties deal with the damage, including physical, thunder, fire, and dark. 

All characters in the game have their own set of elemental damage, which should be part of the reason why you choose such a character. 

For example, a character with 50 percent fire and 50 percent physical damage would deal more damage against another character that has a lower percent of the elemental property. This makes that certain character even more feasible to join your team.

Choose The Best S-Grade Construct

Like many other mobile games with a gacha mechanic, it isn't easy to pull out an S-Grade character. I've made several pulls from the gacha system, and each of them has been quite average thus far. 

Punishing: Gray Raven - Learn The Best Way To Farm 5-Star Weapons
Image Source: Pocket Tactics

Pulling an S-Grade Construct with very high damage is important, especially in the early game. This can only be done if you are willing to re-roll. 

Get yourself familiar with the re-rolling process in the game and continue to pull as many characters as you can until you are good with what you've been dealt with. 

And while it is very difficult to pull an S-Grade Construct, Punishing: Gray Raven allowed me to choose my first-ever S-Grade character through the S-Rank ticket. Take advantage of this and choose the best S-Rank character that you can find.

Upgrade, Promote, And Evolve

I know we all want the strongest S-Class Construct to join our team but do not underestimate other lower-ranking characters as well. They can still be improved through means of upgrading, promoting, and evolving such characters. 

Upgrading these characters increases their stats while promoting allows the characters to gain rank and permanently increases their stats. Promotion can only be done when certain conditions are met, so make sure to check these conditions per character. 

Finally, evolving a character increases their potential, but I would have to use a character shard to permanently increase their rank and stats. While all three may have similar functions, improving the characters through these methods will help you win more matches later on.

Gain Experience Through Playing The Campaign

Punishing: Gray Raven follows the story of a group of survivors who have fled Earth after being corrupted by a biomechanical virus called The Punishing that has turned people into robotic armies. 

Punishing: Gray Raven - Learn The Best Way To Farm 5-Star Weapons
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Their mission is to reclaim Earth, and it is up to the players to create a team of Constructs to make sure that the mission is completed. The game's main campaign is very engaging and one of the best in the genre. 

It feels like I'm watching an anime series with all the stylized action and combat. Moreover, playing the campaign also allows me to gain a lot of experience, which helps in both progressions for my characters and the storyline. 

Play the campaign to gain experience and rewards.

Finish All Missions And Quests

It is very imperative that new players get to familiarize themselves with missions and quests in this game. The rewards and bonuses that we get from playing and finishing all missions and quests will help us all achieve more wins in the game. 

Rookie missions are a one-time limited set of missions that can be finished at the start of the game. It is very helpful, especially for new players, as it will give enough resources and equipment to help them get through the early stages. 

The Mentor-Student system further drives the momentum for new players as they partner with experienced players in playing the game. The daily missions also give out a huge amount of rewards, including new weapons and points.

Choose The Right Memories And Weapons For Each Character

Apart from upgrading, promoting, and evolving each character, players are also required to choose the right memories and weapons for each of them. Memories are armor pieces that can be attached to a specific character. 

Punishing: Gray Raven - Learn The Best Way To Farm 5-Star Weapons
Image Source: Pocket Gamer

Each memory will have a special interaction with the character that it is attached to, depending on the type of memory and the slot for the item that you equip it in. 

Attaching the same memory on all equipment will have a set bonus, so make sure to collect as many memories as possible to get these extra bonuses.

Join Special Events And Farm For 5-Star Weapons

Special events come only at specific times in the game. These are special missions that reward you with the best weapons and memories, including 5-star weapons. 

Don't miss out on this chance, so always participate in these special events. It's not that difficult to complete these special events based on my experience. 

I was able to farm for 5-star weapons even with just my starting team.

Best Characters To Pull In Punishing Gray Raven

Punishing: Gray Raven has always prided itself on many unique characters, but only a few of those characters are worthy enough to join my team. I've found several S-Rank Constructs that should always be on your team. 

Punishing: Gray Raven - Learn The Best Way To Farm 5-Star Weapons
Image Source: LDPlayer

Kamui Dark Energon is a great tank that has mixed damage and can switch to different attacking forms. His many attacking forms make him a very versatile fighter in the game. 

Lee Random is an Attacker with 100 percent physical damage, making him a formidable damage-dealing Construct in the game. Liv La Paix is an essential addition to the team with his massive healing and damage reduction skills

To round out the team, Karenina Ember is an Attacker with great area-of-effect skills that can damage several opponents at once, thus making quick work of the enemy.

Play The Co-Op Mode

For those who are fond of playing with other players, Punishing: Gray Raven also has an online co-op game mode where you can play with other players to fight against bosses in the game. 

Challenge yourself and your team and impress others with your moves in this game by playing the co-op mode and win more rewards.

Watch Different Tutorials

Punishing: Gray Raven has some of the most complex mechanics for a mobile game. 

Punishing: Gray Raven - Learn The Best Way To Farm 5-Star Weapons
Image Source: Pocket Gamer

There are different unique sets of abilities for each character, and learning each of them and synergizing them with other characters can be very difficult. 

This is why I highly advise players to learn specific character's abilities by watching tutorials. 

Learn more in-depth strategies and mechanics in the game to help you fight difficult opponents and understand the game.

More Rewards, More Chances Of Getting Stronger

I'm personally guilty of this mistake. I've been focusing a lot of my time playing the game and was sucked into the storyline so much that I forgot many rewards. 

The game is fun, but I also have to make sure that my characters are gaining all the advantages and rewards. Focus on doing the daily missions to get the rewards that make each character powerful. 

Farm for more memories, power, and weapons, and you'll be able to enjoy the game a lot more.


Punishing: Gray Raven is a fun and addicting action mobile RPG that many gamers will surely love. The complex mechanics, the high-quality graphics, the engaging storyline are just a few of the factors that truly make this game worth playing. 

Check out the tips I've mentioned above and see how it helps you in the game. Punishing: Gray Raven is currently available for download at the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.