Learn How to Choose Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Are you looking for a good mobile strategy game that helps you flex your brainy skills? Rise of Kingdoms might be the one that you are looking for if you want to play a game with in-depth strategy and decision-making. 


I recommend playing the game through the mobile platform as the game is optimized for mobile devices. 

Learn more about Rise of Kingdoms and the best strategies for choosing commanders. Read on!

  • Fictional Kingdoms and Historical Figures
  • About Commanders
  • Choosing the Right Commanders
  • Best Commanders in Each Role
  • Don't Forget the Gatherers
  • Pros of Rise of Kingdoms
Learn How to Choose Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms
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Fictional Kingdoms and Historical Figures

I would categorize Rise of Kingdoms as a real-time strategy game where you recruit commanders based on historical figures with the likes of Julius Caesar, Lu Bu, Harald Sigurdsson, Attila, Chandragupta Maurya, and many more. 

Learn How to Choose Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms
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But what makes a great leader? This is where the game truly shines as I get to pick a commander based on how I want to play the game.

I can choose from an aggressive commander to a more defensive type depending on the kind of commander that I want to be. It all boils down to choosing whom you want to be as a leader to pave your destiny and give rise to your kingdom

Anyone who has played the real-time strategy genre will know that this game is by far one of the best in the mobile genre with its amazing graphics, compatibility amongst many mobile devices, in-depth strategy, world-building, resource management, and more.

Downloading the Game

Rise of Kingdoms is available for download on all mobile platforms. I have downloaded the game on both my Android and iOS devices through the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively.

Make sure to set up your payment method as the game features in-app purchases if you want to buy in-game items for the game.

About Commanders

Commanders are probably the most important characters that I can control in Rise of Kingdoms. They are the ones that lead your troops to battle. Each commander is unique and has their own specialty in battle.

Learn How to Choose Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms
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Every commander has three different specialties that will determine how I want to play through a talent tree. 

There are a lot of specialties for each commander. Some of them include Cavalry, Infantry, Leadership, Defense, Garrison, Support, Mobility, and many more. Each of these specialties can be attributed to your commander which makes the game even more diverse and highly strategic.

All commanders have four skills that can be unlocked through the commander's star level. Each commander can be upgraded by having all four skills raised to level 5 and sacrificing sculptures that are attributed to the commander.

Starting the Game with a Commander

When I first started the game, I was asked to select a nation which is where my commander will start. There are around eight nations to choose from and all the information about the nations can be found within the game. 

Those who are still new to the game and have no idea what each commander can do should select Rome as their starting nation and pick Scipio Africanus.

Scipio has very decent stats that can mobilize your troops faster. The first thing you need to do in this game is to expand your territory by encouraging your troops to battle. Once you have enough resources, you can go on and choose a commander that will suit your playstyle.

Choosing the Right Commanders

While each player will have to choose a primary and a secondary commander to lead their army, it is still good to know that choosing the right commander for your play style is a much better approach to playing your own game. 

Learn How to Choose Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms
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The addition of commanders in the game has brought a certain level of strategy in the game and makes it more three-dimensional.

I have been an avid fan of the game due to this feature as it provides a layer of diversity for players to choose from. Whether I want to be more aggressive or defensive in my playstyle, I always have the right commander to choose from. 

This is the reason why I want you to learn more about choosing the right commander in Rise of Kingdoms. 

Understanding Specialties

Commander specialties are one of the most important things that I had to learn in this game. There are over 11 different types of specialties that interact well with each other. Finding out the most effective way of playing the game through specialties is one of the key factors to winning more battles.

Defenders are good at defending cities while gatherers are great for acquiring different resources which ultimately means you have far more resources than many other cities. Leaders are often able to buff their units and can lead large troops to battle which means you can decimate your opponents faster while Supports often provide heals.

With so many specialties to choose from, I would suggest that you brush up on them to see which ones have a similar playstyle as yourself and that you can incorporate into your commander.

Best Commanders in Each Role

From what I discovered in the game, I can designate three different groups based on the specialties. Attackers, Defenders, and Support is the perfect trifecta of specialties if you want to have the best commander that will lead your army. 

Learn How to Choose Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms
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Note that these are all just recommendations for new players and that seasoned and experienced players may have their own setup that is far more effective within their play style.

Some of the best commanders in the Attacker role are Cao Cao and Hannibal Barca while Sun Tzu and Yi Seong-Gye are far better at defending your cities. Joan of Arc and Cleopatra VII are some of the best supports in the game right now.

Pairing Your Commanders

Pairing commanders will involve a lot of decision-making and strategy. This ultimately means finding the best synergy for all the different roles and pairing them to get the best effect. Here are some of the best pairs that I have come up with.

For player-vs-player (PvP), the best pair would have to be either Scipio and Joan of Arc for the aggressive damage alongside the heals coming from Joan of Arc. 

Kusunoki is a great commander to pair with almost everyone in the game when you want to defend your city from attacks. Another great pair to choose from is with El Cid and Joan of Arc for the perfect combination of damage, heals, and disables.

Don't Forget the Gatherers

While many of us are focused on the PvP aspect of the game, some of the most important and underrated commanders in the game are the gathering type

Learn How to Choose Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms
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Gatherers are almost non-existent in the game due to their lack of aggressive or defensive skills however, what they lack in those departments makes up for their ability to generate income for your cities.

This ultimately means that you have all the resources you need to upgrade your structures and troops. Two of the best commanders in this role are Joan of Arc and Cleopatra VII with Constance as the next best thing. 

Make sure to grab either one of them to ensure that you always have a steady income for your city.

Be Mindful of PVE

Rise of Kingdoms does not always lead you to fight against another player. Most of the time, you will be up against the environment or the PvE aspect of the game. 

I suggest that you focus your energy early on in the PvE aspect so you can acquire more action points and complete different tasks.

The experience you get from completing these tasks and defeating barbarians is far greater than the PvP. In the early stages of the game, experience is all that matters.

Pros of Rise of Kingdoms

The very first thing that caught my attention with Rise of Kingdoms is its gameplay. 

Learn How to Choose Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms
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There is a myriad of choices to make which solidifies this game as a must-play for me especially for those who are fans of the real-time strategy and city-building genre.

Several of the game's features are highly innovative and unique amongst a plethora of many other mobile games within the same genre. Controlling your troops and gathering resources will all depend on how you manage them so careful decision-making is a must.

Cons of Rise of Kingdoms

While many might think that the game is pay-to-win, there are still strategies involved that will give you an edge over many players. 

This is the reason why I built this guide for new players to have a good understanding of how to build their city and improve their forces from the ground up.

The game thrives on making the right decisions hence getting it right for the first time is imperative if you want to win more battles.


Building your city while strategizing against your opponents can be quite difficult and challenging at best. This is the reason why I took the time to provide you with all the tips on choosing the right commander for your kingdom. 

Whether you want to be an aggressive leader or a leader that prioritizes gathering resources and upgrading your infrastructure, it all begins with one decision - choosing the right commander.