Learn How to Create a Squad in World of Tanks

World of Tanks is an online shooter in which you are behind the wheel of a tank, with the goal of shooting other tanks while trying not to get shot by, you guessed it, tanks. While this certainly sounds like a simple premise, the game is much more challenging than it looks. 


In this article, I’ll not only be teaching you how to create your own squad, but I’ll also give you some invaluable tips that will help you succeed in all of your matches. 

  • Armor
  • Where to Shoot
  • Modules
  • Angling Your Armor
  • Knowing Where to Shoot
  • Work with Your Teammates
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Creating a Team
  • Choosing Your Loadout
  • Spawning
Learn How to Create a Squad in World of Tanks
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All tanks in World of Tanks have armor, just like in real life. Tanks without armor are generally called ‘cars’, and while that might not exactly be a funny joke, all tanks are still covered in armor. 

Learn How to Create a Squad in World of Tanks
Image Source: World of Tanks

This is something you’re going to want to remember when you’re firing shells at them.

Armor is laid out in the following way: 80 / 55 / 55, with the numbers corresponding to the front, sides, and back of the tank respectively. 

If you fire a shell that has a 70mm standard penetration factor, then it will deal damage to the sides and back, but not to the front. 

Angle of Attack

That’s not all you need to think about, either. Another thing to remember is your angle of attack

The ideal attack angle is perpendicular to the part of the tank you are shooting. 

If the angle is too wide, then you risk your shell ricocheting and dealing no damage. Make sure you are positioned well

Where to Shoot

Like most other games that involve shooting and movement, in World of Tanks, you should aim ahead of your moving target.

Learn How to Create a Squad in World of Tanks
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Shells will take a short time to reach their destination, meaning that the further an enemy is from you, the larger the gap you need to leave. 

In close combat, you can make use of the auto-aim feature, which lets you focus on your driving rather than aiming, allowing you to avoid being blown to smithereens by other tanks. 

Auto-aim is not as accurate as you can be, but it is still a useful feature. 


If you find that you are not able to do any real damage to other tanks, then you should consider focusing on individual modules, which I’ll discuss in the next section. 

Modules are the different components that make up a tank. 

For example, focusing on a stronger tank’s tracks will immobilize them and make them easier to shoot. 


Modules come in five different types: turret, gun, engine, suspension, and radio. Each of these modules can be upgraded, and doing so will improve your performance. 

Learn How to Create a Squad in World of Tanks
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The gun will improve your tank’s overall firepower, while the turret houses some crew and the main gun. 

The turret features armor and makes your tank more durable and robust. The suspension will affect your speed and load limit, while the engine will determine your acceleration and top speed. 

Lastly, the radio allows you to exchange intel with other members of your team. 

Choosing What to Upgrade

You should choose which modules you upgrade based on what it is you want your tank to do. 

If you’re looking for a speed machine that can whiz around the battlefield, then you’ll want to upgrade your engine. 

If you are looking to improve your firepower, then you should focus on upgrading your gun.

Angling Your Armor

This is one of, if not the most, important things you could ever learn in World of Tanks, and also happens to be one of the first things that the game’s tutorial teaches you.

Learn How to Create a Squad in World of Tanks
Image Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

Maximizing the effectiveness of your armor is essential to taking non-damaging hits and surviving on the battlefield. 

Far too many new players sit in the open on the battlefield, facing their opponents head-on

They take one or two hits and are destroyed, all because their armor was rendered essentially useless by their lack of angling. Angling will save your life in World of Tanks. 


To make the most out of the protection of your tank, you should angle your armor at around 45°, while also taking note of your base stats. 

If your armor is very thin to start off with, then it would be wise to stay out of sight and provide supporting fire to your teammates.

Knowing Where to Shoot

This probably seems like quite an obvious tip, but knowing the best places to fire at your opponent can often spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Learn How to Create a Squad in World of Tanks
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All tanks in World of Tanks have weak spots, no matter where they might be on the tank itself. All you need to do is identify them. 

Identifying a tank’s weaknesses on the battlefield is essential, and as a new player, you need to learn how to exploit them at lower tiers.

It becomes even more important at higher tiers. For example, a tank might have mediocre frontal armor to begin with, with an extremely weak machine gun port. 


The lower glacis of a tank is usually its weakest point, so aim there if you can. 

You are far more likely to penetrate and damage the target by aiming for its weak spots so ensure that you are doing so, and memorize as many as you can for each tank as possible. 

Work With Your Teammates

Essentially, this means that you don’t want to be a loner in World of Tanks and that you will always want to plan ahead.

Learn How to Create a Squad in World of Tanks
Image Source: Xbox Wire

While some tanks can fulfill a solo role, such as the light tanks, more often than not, you’re going to want the support of your allies

There’s no point in spotting dozens of targets from your light tanks if there is no one nearby to shoot them. 

Likewise, your heavy tank is an easy target for enemy heavies and flanking mediums if you are exposed and alone, without your team’s supporting fire

Anticipating Enemy Moves

Furthermore, anticipating your enemies’ moves and reacting before they happen will make you an extremely valuable player to your team, and will put you at a major advantage. 

If the enemy is about to break through on the other flank, signal your teammates to race there before they do. 

Strengths and Weaknesses

This is fundamentally important to any match in World of Tanks, but too many players merely ignore what their tank was and was not made to do. Light tanks are for support and scouting.

Learn How to Create a Squad in World of Tanks
Image Source: MSI

Heavy tanks are for brawling at close range. Medium tanks play support roles. Tank destroyers should remain hidden, and artillery should always be at the back of the map. 

Of course, that was a very simplified explanation of each of the tank types and their roles, and not all tanks fit perfectly into the generalized role of their category. 

There are slow-moving mediums and fast-moving mediums. There are even tank destroyers that are meant to be on the front line. 

Learn Each Tank

If you can understand and master the basic types of tanks, then you’ll be able to play each type effectively and fulfill their role. 

Like I said, there are a number of tanks that do not conform to their role or type, but you’ll be able to get the hang of these exceptions as well. 

Creating a Team

Now for the part you actually came here for! To start creating your team, you’ll want to navigate to the Tournaments section in the World of Tanks menus.

Learn How to Create a Squad in World of Tanks
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Select the tournament you want to participate in, and I recommend you read the registration terms carefully before proceeding any further. 

Next, click Participate. One the following screen, you will be given the option of either creating a team, or joining one. Of course, you will want to click Create Team. 

The next step involves filling out your team’s information, which includes your team name, contacts, description, and password

More Information

You will want to be very careful when choosing a name for your team since once you have set the name, you will never be able to change it. 

Your team and player name may not violate the naming rules, and any violation will result in immediate disqualification

Choosing Your Loadout

This might be less important at lower tiers, but it is an essential tip for those looking to make the leap into the big leagues.

Learn How to Create a Squad in World of Tanks
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You should equip a repair kit, medkit, and fire extinguisher on every tank, allowing you to bring damaged modules and injured crew into the fight while preventing massive fire damage to your tank. 

Equipment is next, and has a major impact on your tank’s effectiveness. You will want to use equipment that benefits the play style of your tank. 

For instance, you can load your light tank with binoculars or coated optics, ventilation, and a camo net. 


When it comes to ammunition, you should generally take a mix of each ammo type

If your tank has a 50-round capacity, take 30 AP rounds, 15 HEAT or APCR rounds, and 5 high-explosive shells. 

If your gun is low caliber, then you should leave the HE shells out. 


World of Tanks is all about information. Shooting is the easiest thing in the game to do, and the difficult part involves being in the right place at the right time and thinking about your actions.

Learn How to Create a Squad in World of Tanks
Image Source: Xbox Wire

The quicker tanks in the game generally have a higher view range and can expand their view range further using equipment. 

Once you have spawned, it is important you understand the role you will be playing in your team and how you will fulfill that role. 

You’ll want to move to an optimal position and start engaging tanks if that is what your role would do. 

Your Next Move

You should also always think of your next move, moving from cover to cover

You don’t want to arrive at your destination with no plan. 


There you have it, folks, my short beginner’s guide for World of Tanks. 

I hope that you found this article useful and that you were able to learn a thing or two about this fantastic game