Battle forces - Honest Mobile Game review

Battle forces is a first person shooter game developed by Full hp limited. Full hp have developed a lot of great games such as Run and gun, mad gunz , etc . This game is a great addition to their collection of games.  In this post, we are going to share with you the detailed review of Battle forces.


It is pretty impressive with great graphics and gameplay, and takes less space on your mobile device around 322 mb . Battle forces works flawlessly and beautifully on high-end devices and runs at a frame rate of 60 fps on flagship devices. On the contrary, in the lower-end mobile phones, the frame rate is very less.

Battle forces is your typical first person shooter game but the slow gameplay in the game makes it feel pretty boring. There is only one battle mode available at the moment. Further game modes can be expected after complete development.

In team deathmatch you have to kill as many opponents as you can and the team with the highest points will be declared as winners . The matchmaking happens automatically , where you will be connected with other players. The controls of the game is pretty easy and can be easily learnt. You can also customize your character.

There are six characters in which you can select your hero . You can only select only one hero in the start and the rest are locked. Therefore, You can unlock the remaining 5 heroes by playing the game.


The game offers customization of primary weapons , secondary weapon ,helmet and vests . Hence you can customize your equipment by progressing through the story mode and earn coins . Earning coins is pretty easy because you just have to progress through the story mode. You can upgrade Guns, attachments, health, and armor by winning games and leveling up or by opening in-game supply crates. You get a number of credits for each win , which can be used to buy crates.

Price to pay:

The game is free to play but there are subscription packages. IAPs will help you level up, unlock primes, and upgrade weapons at a much faster rate. As for the supply drops, the ones that you can unlock on your own usually just come with attachments. To unlock a crate that will help you expand your arsenal of weapons, you’ll have to pay. If you feel confident in your ability to win games, paying for upgrades is a waste of time considering how fast you can acquire credits and rank up on your own.

The review:

Battle forces is probably the best work ever by Full hp limited. The game has really good graphics but as a fps game the gameplay is pretty slow. It has only on battle mode which makes it boring. There are many bugs in the game. The game dosen't really offer much to keep the game interesting. Rating 7.5.