The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Is Netmarble's Upcoming RPG For Android & iOS

Netmarble's upcoming game The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is an RPG for Android and iOS. The game was initially released in Korea and Japan in 2019, and it proved that it is entertaining enough, so it has been pushed to a global launch.


Its a turn-based RPG game and focusing more on skill synthesis where the skills of the same star rank will be upgraded to a higher rank where they are next to each other. You will also get to combine cards that will unleash a powerful "Ultimate Move."

In deathmatch mode, you can also take down a giant demon with your friends in real-time. Build your very own team, customize your characters by dressing them up in never-before-seen outfits, and keep collecting all the Seven Deadly characters.

Netmarble will be rewarding users the exclusive gift box containing Meliodas Costume, Dagger of the Pledge, SR Meliodas, Diamonds x30, and 100k gold. So if you are interested in getting this unique gift box to pre-register for The Seven Deadly Sins on Play Store and App Store.

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