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Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games available on mobile. Its success lies in a lot of features it offers compared to other competitors in the genre. Ever since Battle Royale games became a rage with the fans, the developers had to bring innovative and better ideas to keep the game running.


Over the years, the game has brought many changes to it. Other than the part about bringing new items and events, the developers also focused on bringing more game modes than Battle Royale mode. As a result of that, Free Fire is the only game that has come up with more than 15 game modes. All of them provide you a perfect shooting game experience.

But it is quite problematic for developers to keep all game modes open in the game every time. Hence, they keep on opening the different game modes for different limited times. Because of that, these are also known as limited-time modes.

List of All Game Modes In Free Fire:

  1. Battle Royale
  2. Team Death Match
  3. Clash Squad
  4. Big Head
  5. Explosive Jump
  6. Cold Steel
  7. Night hunter
  8. Rampage
  9. Fully Charged
  10. Spray And Pray
  11. Rush Hour
  12. Kill Secured
  13. Bomb Squad
  14. Gun King 2.0
  15. Rampage 2.0
  16. Grim Reaper

Let's have a look at what all of these game modes are and what you have to do.

Free Fire All Game Modes Details:

Battle Royale

This game mode needs no introduction as it is the all-time most played game mode of Free Fire. For those living under the rocks, In Battle Royale mode, 50 players jump on a remote island with no weapon. All of them have to survive by defeating each other using the weapons and accessories that can be found in the buildings. The last one standing wins the match and gets Booyah!

Players have the option to play this game mode Solo, In a team of 2 or 4. Also, it is divided into Classic and Ranked. If you play Ranked, every match has an impact on your rank, whereas Classic is just for fun and practice.

Team Death Match

This is also known as TDM. In this mode, two teams consisting of 4 players each face off others in a 10 minute round. Players get the option to choose the weapon from 4 fixed sets. The target here is to reach 40 kills to win the game. Players get respawn after death and again get to select the weapon. Whichever team reaches target first wins the game. In case of timeout, the team with most kills win.

Clash Squad

This is another 4 vs. 4 mode. Here all players start with $500 in their pocket. Using the money, they have to buy weapons and items from the shop to defeat the opponent team. A total of 7 rounds take place in this mode, and the team to win 4 rounds get Booyah. A round gets over when all 4 players of the team are dead. The match locations are located in Bermuda and Kalahari maps.

Big Head

This is a 10-minute mode where you play in a team of 4. The first team to make 40 kills win the match. It even justifies its names because, with every kill you make, your head size keeps on growing. If you could not take headshots in other modes, try in this one. Players spawn with random weapons and even keeps on respawning with a random weapon until a team wins the match.

Explosive Jump

In this mode, 20 players jump on a small part of the Bermuda map. Just like the Battle Royale mode, they run to find loot, but the twist is here you get only one weapon called 'MGL140' or 'Grenade Launcher.' You also get 'Jumping Shoes' that lets you jump double to the normal jump. Medkits and other necessary things are also there. Everyone is fighting for becoming the last one standing.

Cold Steel

This mode is for players who love to play with melee weapons. In this mode, 20 players jump on a small area to become the last one standing. The cold twist is, everyone has only Knife to be used. Players throw the Knife to kill each other in the 10 minutes match. Winning in this mode is very difficult unless you have an eagle eye and plenty of skill.

Night Hunter

It is the mini version of the Battle Royale that takes place in the dark (night time). In this mode, 20 players jump on a small part of the map and run to get their hands on a weapon. The one to become the last one standing wins the game.


This is a 4 vs 4 mode where teams fight for dominating the place. There are three points called A, B, and C on the map. One point gets activated at a time, and the teams (at least one player) have to stay inside (dominate) the point. The players who stay inside the point provide some points to the team. After some time, another point gets activated, and both team run for that point. The fight (match) ends when a team reaches 100 points.

Fully Charged

This is something similar to Explosive Jump mode. Here 20 players jump on a small part of the map and run to get weapons to kill others. But here you get only one gun that is 'CG15'. All the players use the same gun to defeate others, and the last one standing wins the match.

Spray and Pray

This mode is for machine gun lovers. In this mode, 20 players jump on a small part of the map and find weapons to survive. On the name of weapons, there is only 'Gatling Gun' which we also call Machine gun. You can also equip 'Jet Shoes' that allows you to fly. The last one standing wins the match.

Rush Hour

Similar to 'Night Hunter,' it is also a mini version of the Battle Royale. The only difference is, it takes place in daylight. In this mode, 20 players jump on a small area of the map, and the last one standing wins the match.

Kill Secured

This is another 4 vs 4 mode. Similar to 'Clash Squad,' here also players have to buy weapons from the shop to defeat enemies. The target is to reach 80 points in the 10 minutes match. You get points by collecting Gog Tags that drop from the killed enemy. There is 1 point for each Dog Tag, but if you make combos, you can get 2, 3.... points for each badge.

Bomb Squad

Similar to 'Clash Squad' here also 7 rounds take place, and the 4 players team to win 4 rounds win the match. One team takes the Offense side, and another takes the Defense side. The offense side has to plant a bomb, and after 60 seconds, it explodes. The Offense side has to defeat the enemy team before planting the bomb or have to defuse the bomb in the time of 60 seconds to win the round.

Gun King

As the name itself suggest, this mode checks whether you are the king of all the guns or not. Here all the players fight against each other, and the one to make 28 kills win the match. Players have to use 14 guns and have to make some kills mentioned on the screen using a particular gun. After that, he moves to the next gun. After getting killed, players respawn somewhere in the area.

Rampage 2.0

It is the reworked edition of 'Rampage' mode. The concept of dominating the three points to make points remain the same. The difference is of map-drop costume, collecting that gives a boost to the whole team for a few seconds.

Grim Reaper

Similar to 'Team Death Match,' in the starting of a match, you get 4 sets of weapons out of that you select one. Using weapons, you make kills and collect souls of the killed enemies. After filling the red circle by collecting souls, you become a ghost. The ghost has more HP and damage as compared to humans. By making kills as ghosts, you fill a red bar. Whoever fills the bar first wins the match, If gets killed, you respawn as human.

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