Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 to finally introduce the much-awaited ‘Training Mode’

With Season 7 just around the corner, Call of Duty Mobile recently released a huge update for its test servers. Based on the update, the players might get to see a lot of new content upon the release of its global version.


The best part, however, is that they would finally be able to practice their skills in a dedicated training mode. Unlike its competitors, Call of Duty Mobile has never had a special training mode in all of its previous 6 seasons. But after the Season 7 update, it looks like the game will finally debut its much-awaited Training map.

Still from the game's newly introduced Training mode

The Training mode in the game’s beta version will allow players to improve their aiming skills by shooting at moving and fixed targets and they can even shoot at flying rockets. Players will have access to almost all of the weapons available in the game while playing in the training mode.

The players might find the newly introduced training map smaller than PUBG Mobile’s but will still be pleased.