Free Fire: All Maps Guide And Tips & Tricks

So far, Garena Free Fire has launched 3 maps, each with its unique terrain, sceneries, and specialties. The latest addition to the roster was the Kalahari map, which is modeled after a desert. As mentioned earlier, each map has its terrain and specialties; therefore, the strategy used in one map may not be effective in the other. So, before jumping into a map for battle, it is important to study each of these maps to ensure victory in battle.


List of All Playable Maps In Free Fire:

There are three playable maps in Free Fire:

  • Bermuda
  • Purgatory
  • Kalahari

Free Fire All Maps Details:


This map is the first map we are introduced to when we start playing the game. The map has just the right mix of high areas, buildings, etc. suitable for all sorts of players. Landing in the right area is an important factor in the game. If you are willing to play safe, it is better to avoid the hot drops and land in quieter areas. The areas, according to the risk, are listed below.

  • Low-risk areas: Rim Nam Village, Cape Town
  • Medium-risk areas: Sentosa, Pochinok
  • High-risk areas: Bimasakti Strip, Katulistwa

The loot locations in the map include;

  • Pochinok
  • Cape Town
  • Mars Electric
  • Shipyard
  • Mill


This map can be unlocked when you reach level 5. The map consists of 3 islands connected by bridges and is completely different from the Bermuda map. This map is a great place to ambush enemies due to its unique landscapes.

  • Low-risk areas: Crossroads
  • Medium-risk areas: Golf course
  • High-risk areas: Brasilia, Central, Marbleworks

The loot locations in the map include;

  • Quarry
  • Ski Lodge
  • Fire Brigade
  • Moathouse
  • Brasilia


The Kalahari is the latest addition to the map roster and has a little green compared to the other two. It is modeled after a desert and has a large number of high areas to snipe and rocks, which are good hiding places.

  • Low-risk areas: Shrines
  • Medium-risk areas: The Maze
  • High-risk areas: Refinery, Command Post

The loot locations in the map include;

  • Stone Ridge
  • Santa Catarina
  • The Sub
  • Refinery
  • Command Post

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