Evolution of Mobile Gaming Since Inception

Mobile games were first developed in 1994, the honor of which went to Tetris. It was one of the earliest puzzle and strategy related games, which is still relevant today as so many people play it, and world championships are held over it. Games were started to be developed on mobile phones because everyone who could not afford computers and the costs that came with it could also get the gaming experience. At the same time, it has fun and was regarded as one of the giant leaps in programming and developing mobile applications.


The evolution of mobile games did not stop there with the advent of the game Snake. This game applied two-dimensional travel of a character to collect points and grow in order to achieve a high score. The premise is very simplistic today, but in those days, it was a huge challenge. As the years passed, more and more games were released, which rivaled each other just as they do today.

Taking a leap into the future and coming to the year 2001, we saw a huge leap in the domain of graphics and in-game colors with the game Bounce. This game basically opened up the possibility of free world gaming in mobile phones. It also proved the fact that mobile gaming's future lies in the unknown and in the possibilities and imagination only of the creator. This game also opened up the possibility of using X-axis and Y-axis in full potential with allowing the ball to move in the left, right, up as well as down directions.

The evolution did not stop there, as companies like HTC and Apple started releasing touch only mobile phones. It brought about the puzzle gaming revolution where, with the tap of the finger or stylus, it was possible to solve word puzzles. Sudokus, as well as more innovative games like matching similar game pieces to break tiles and achieve high scores, made their way. Games like these opened up even more avenues, where controlling a character as possible with the tap of the fingers, which gave rise to the possibility of action and sporting games.

Warping to 2010, we saw the advent of games like Angry Birds, Real Football, Real Racing. These were pioneers in their time and showed the flaws in the mobile games that their successors would eradicate. These mobile games were very tough to develop and very tough to comprehend and play as it was the first time something was possible.

This brings us to 2020, where there are games that range from the indie genre to the shooting action games to racing to eSports games to succumb to every whim and fancy of the player. The giant leaps that were made when it came to game developers were only possible due to the technology boom and the pressure created by mobile companies and software developers. The aim was always to produce more than what is asked for, and it becomes so much more interesting when you think of so many more functions these small pocket-sized technology boxes can do apart from running these games for us.

Let us know below in the comments which are some of your favorite games to play and the type of games you play now so we can revel in how far we, as well as the technology we use, have come.

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