Brawl Stars Big Game Mode: Best Brawlers & Details

The Big Game is a Special Mode in Brawl Stars. As the word "Big" suggests, there is a "Big Boss" which is battled against by five players. The Big Brawler has the objective not to be defeated for as long as possible whilst the other brawlers contesting against the boss is required to kill it as quickly as possible.


Things to remember- if the boss survives for more than 2 minutes, the big brawler is declared as the winner. In a similar fashion, if the five brawlers fighting against the boss can defeat it under 2 minutes, they emerge victoriously. Trophies are not earned or lost in this event, as this is an unranked mode.

The Big Brawler

  1. Healing- Healing attributes from Supers attacks and Star Powers are reduced by 90%
  2. Health- It has 9x more health in relation to the brawlers' health with the addition of 56000 health
  3. Movement Speed- Enables mobility by 0.6 tiles faster
  4. Damage- It increased by 50% linearly
  5. Super- 33% less effective in charging Supers
  6. Reload- It reloads twice as fast and does not affect Carl's attack speed
  7. Pets- Pets and turrets from Super attacks increase by 20% on the grounds of health and damage
  8. Stun Protection- It can only be stunned for a split second

Best Boss Brawlers

5. Mortis

This mythical creature makes it to the list for his ability to survive. He can dodge shots and run around to time out the 2 minutes on the watch easily. But Mortis against the Boss is absolutely horrendous, but his capacity as boss rewards him at no. 5 in this list.

4. Penny

Her splash damage makes her a very good option as it lets her hit multiple targets with a long-range, which does a good amount of damage. Her Mortar is also very effective against the Brawlers attempting to defeat her.

3. Tara 

In a similar fashion with Mortis, Tara is a great boss but not a good boss killer. As the boss, she can do a good amount of damage, as her Super is very effective and deadly. Gravity allows her to pull all boss killer brawlers to one place and inflict significant damage upon them.

2. Nita 

This fighter class brawler is one of our top picks for the event. The Rupture is a great basic attack that has the potential to hit multiple enemies. But what makes her so good is her "Big Baby Bear." Her pet keeps her safe while doing good damage upon her enemies.

1. Jessie

Our no 1 pick for the event and arguably the Queen of all Brawlers for Big Game, Jessie. What makes her so good is her Shock Rifle. She does such good damage to multiple opponents at once, making it so difficult to gang up against her. Scrappy also plays a very vexatious role in stopping her enemies from defeating her.

As you do not have the option to select yourself as the boss, here are our favorite brawlers, which puts up a great fight against Boss Brawlers.

5. Jessie 

She is a good pick to fight against the boss. She only has a decent amount of damage, but she can be very useful in tipping the boss from a long-range. If put on a good spot, her Turret can also keep the pressure on the boss to a good extent.

4. Bibi

Her ability to push back the boss and her capacity to chase the boss down make her a great option. Her Super attack can also hit the boss multiple times if the boss is cornered. Altogether, she can be a very good option as a boss slayer.

3. Nita

Nita is also a great pick as she does a good amount of damage to the boss. But, it's again her pet, which makes Nita very useful in maps with a lot of bushes. "Big Baby Bear" can hunt down the boss who may be hiding behind bushes. This makes Nita a great option.

2. Spike

This legendary class brawler is a strong pick. He does a significant amount of damage with his basic attack. With the angles that he can generate, Spike can also hit the boss behind walls from a far distance. His Super is also very effective against the boss as it slows it down, enabling everyone to assault the boss with great efficiency.

1. Shelly

She is undeniably the strongest pick against the boss. And rightfully so, she alone can do an immense amount of damage. When your Super is charged, the only tip here is to regain your health completely and have all your bullets reloaded to the cylinder. Go against the boss and blow it with your Super and start tapping your basic attack consequently, which will recharge your Super again, letting you blow the boss up soon.

These are the best brawlers that can easily secure you a win in the Big Game mode of Brawl Stars. To get to know about other modes of the game, refer to our different modes guide.

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