Thanos and Captain America Will be Available in Marvel Super War When It Launches Globally

Probably the most prominent mobile games launch of the year is just around the corner. Marvel’s first, every MOBA games developed by NetEase Games, is all set to release worldwide on 19th December 2019. And the Marvel fans are already super eager to play this MOBA using their favorite character.

In the beta version of Marvel Super war, which was released just a couple of weeks before, only a limited number of superheroes was showcased. But as per the recent announced by the official marvel super war social media handle, it has been confirmed that Thanos and Captain America will be definitely available to play when the game launches globally.

Other than this, if you are wondering if what all heroes will be made available to play in Marvel Super War once it launches? Then you can refer to our previous post, which shares information all the 50+ heroes which are expected to be present in Marvel Super War.