Buffs Explained in Marvel Super War Game

Hello Marvel Super War Players, it's just been a couple of days since the beta launch of Marvel's first ever MOBA game and people are already going crazy behind it. Today in this post we are going to Explain about the Buffs in Marvel Super War Game. We will tell you how to get a buff and what advantages a buff will give you in Marvel Super War MOBA Game.


So Firstly there are two type of Buff in the game, Namely Red Buff (Incandescent Power) & Blue Buff (Energy Charge). Let's discuss about them in details:

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Marvel Super War Red & Blue Buff Explained

How to Get Buffs in Marvel Super War Game?

Just like any other M.O.B.A Game in Marvel Super War too, you can get a buff by killing the special monsters. To get the Red Buff (Incandescent Power) you will have to kill the monster Fireclaw & to get the Blue Buff (Energy Charge) you will have to kill monster Hi-Vo.

What does the Red & Blue Buffs do in Marvel Super War Game?

Again just like any other M.O.B.A game, you get special advantages such as increase in attack speed, increase in health regeneration etc. by taking a buff. Below mentioned are exact details of what a specific Buff Offers you in Marvel Super War.

marvel super war Red Buff

Red Buff (Incandescent Power) : Your next basic attack on an enemy hero will cause a temporary slow effect. There is an internal Cooldown for this effect, and KOs or Assists against the enemy resets the Cooldown. During the buff, additional damage over time will be applied when damage is dealt.

Marvel Super War Blue Buff

Blue Buff (Energy Charge) : You restore a small amount of HP when an enemy is KO'd nearby, and even more when an enemy hero is KO'd. Hero PS regen rate will also increased during the buff.

We hope you have now understand the usages & importance of Buffs in Marvel Super War Game, make sure to get yourself a Buff specially if you are a Jungler to have an advantage in the game.