Brawl Stars Brawl Ball: Best Brawlers & Details

Brawl Ball is Brawl Star's version of soccer. Six players are divided into 2 teams of 3 with the objective to score in the opponent's goal. For a clear cut victory, teams need to score 2 goals. In case the timer ends before two goals are scored, the team with the greater count of goals is declared as the winner.

Further, if the teams are tied, the event will go into a sudden death system for 1 minute, where all obstacles will be removed. If a goal is still not scored, the draw will be declared as a tie.


Things to remember- The ball can be collected by moving towards it when no brawler has a hold of it. The ball can be kicked by using the basic attack button while the Super has the ability to send the ball to a longer distance. If the brawler carrying the ball is defeated or stunned, the ball will be dropped, which can be picked up by other brawlers on the field.

Stalwart Brawlers

El Primo

This heavyweight brawler is one of the best ball carriers in the game. He has high health, which allows him to withstand a significant amount of damage. The Fists of Fury, even though it is a short-range attack, it's massive damage compensates for the range.

The Flying Elbow Drop can be used to knock the ball from his enemies, which can be used to stop enemies from scoring. His Super attack can also be used to destroy the obstacles which come before the goal, which will also help his team to score goals easily.


This legendary brawler is enlisted due to his highly maiming nature. The Needle Grenade inflicts hammering damage to grouped enemies. He can be used to stop tanks and can be used to attack with different angles.

His Super attack, the "Stick Around!" can be effective while attacking as well as defending. His Super attack slows down enemies, which can stop his foes from scoring. The same can be used to stop enemies from defending the goal post when your own team attacks.


This mythic brawler can be of immense use for both supportive purposes and for scoring goals. She can deal with a significant amount of damage to enemies, which are clustered in one area. But, nothing beats her Super attack.

Just like Spike, her Super attack can be used for both defense and attack purposes, both working very effectively. Her pull can be used to clear the path for the ball carrier when attacking while in defense, she can halt the enemies forward with the same.


She is fast! Her speed and the Faster Blaster enable her to poke enemies from all sides. Her basic attacks have a fast reload, which allows her to keep some constant pressure on the enemy. But, it is her speed, which makes her so effective for Brawl Ball. Her speed tagged along with her Super attack, the "Let's Go!" enables her to get past her enemies and score goals.

The Super attack also increases the movement speed of her teammates, which greatly increases their mobility. Her gadget allows her to become even more efficient. The Phase Shifter can help collect the ball easily as she can dash while being immune to attacks coming her way.


The brawler with an insane amount of health. His damage absorbing capacity lets him run inside goals at times. His basic attack also delivers a huge amount of damage to his enemies. Right at the beginning of the game, his basic attack can be used to charge his Super attack as the enemy group around during that time.

His Super attack, the Stunning Blow, can be used to stun opponents and snatch the ball from them. The Super attack can also stun the enemy players in order to score goals or even stun them when the opposition is about to do the same.

These are the top 5 brawlers that can easily secure you a win in the Brawl Ball mode of Brawl Stars. To get to know about other modes of the game, refer to our different modes guide.

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