Call of Duty Mobile: Solsctice Awakened Event Complete Details

Call of Duty Mobile is the most talked game in the pandemic. The active users of COD Mobile have steadily increased in the past four months. The game, developed by Activision, is one of the most popular online multiplayer battle royale game with around 250 Million worldwide downloads.


Call of Duty: Mobile has been the top-rated game in 2020. The players can play both Ranked and Unranked Multiplayer Battles and earn coins and increase their ranking. The Players fight and earn the Legendary Ranking in the game. The TiMi studios, too, have played an important role in developing the game.

The developers of the game have always worked hard to keep the game players connected with the game. For the same, they launch various events in which the player can participate and win exclusive rewards. In this series, COD Mobile has got the latest Solsctice Awakened Event.

The Solsctice Awakened Event is a new event that started on July 19 and will continue till July 30. The event offers three new resources that can be earned by playing the game. The resources are Petrol, Toilet Paper, and Rations.

Out of these resources, Petrol is very hard to earn. It is available for only 8 days out of the 14 Days event. The trade value of Petrol is also higher than the other two. So it is important you don’t miss the free Petrol.

To earn resources, you have to play with correct playlists in the gaming event. The resources can be traded in to earn the exclusive rewards at the Exchange Center. We at Mobile Mode Gaming will update our viewers with the correct playlist of gaming to earn these resources:

July 19Highrise GulagPetrol and Rations
July 20BR Gulag ModePetrol and Toilet Paper
July 21BR Gulag ModePetrol and Toilet Paper
July 22Highrise GulagRations and Toilet Paper
July 23Cage RustPetrol and Rations
July 24BR Gulag ModeRations and Toilet Paper
July 25Tunisia SaloonToilet Paper and Rations
July 26Tunisia SaloonPetrol and Rations
July 27Meltdown SaloonPetrol and Toilet Paper
July 28Meltdown SaloonPetrol and Rations
July 29Cage HighriseRations and Toilet Paper
July 30Cage HighrisePetrol and Rations

So log into Call of Duty: Mobile and take advantage of the Solsctice Awakened Event and earn Petrol, Ration, and Toilet Paper for free. Exchange these earned resources to forge new and awesome rewards

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