Brawl Stars Showdown Mode: Best Brawlers & Details

Showdown is one of the most frequently played Brawl Stars mode and rightfully so. The mode consists of 10 players, each one for themselves. The objective is simple, kill, kill, and kill until you are the last man standing.

With the death of a player, a Power Cube is left, which is to be collected as it increases your Brawler’s health by 400 and increases their attack damage by 10%. Similar Power Cubes can also be found by destroying the boxes on the map.


Just some things to go by- To make things more combat struck, a deadly poison gas floats around the borders of the map, which gradually reduces the place for the brawlers to play upon forcing conflict amongst the brawlers. The poison gas shreds 1000 damage per second, and by staying in it for 5 seconds increases the damage by 300.

Stalwart Brawlers


She is a tank. With her ability to withstand damage, she becomes a strong option for the event. Her Super attack enables her to ambush powerhouse Brawlers such as Bull. Rosa is a master of sneak attacks if you have Plant Life (Star Power), in such times, hide in a bush, heal yourself and kill enemies at will.


A Crow chasing you is one of the most annoying things that you can go through in the mode. His mobility is insane. The capability to run down foes and throw poisoned knives makes Crow one of the most efficient assassins in the game. His Super attack dedicates an immense amount of damage while letting him out of tight spots. His gadget compensates his ability to survive as it shields him from any damage for 2 seconds, which is good enough for a fast runner like him to put him in a better position.


This shrapnel shooting brawler is a choice of many. She has a long-range with a wide attack radius, which puts her in a good position as compared to other brawlers. Her attack damage has been buffed up in recent updates, which makes her quite the candidate for the mode. She is also capable of checking bushes with ease due to her long-winded range. Her Super allows her to set up a fort where she becomes challenging to defeat.


He is a brawler who is mentioned by all when it comes down to Showdowns. He has it all that takes to be a great Showdown Brawler. He does a whopping amount of damage while being an efficient survivor. His Super can take out enemies, or if you choose to run away, it will easily let you do that too. A Darryl upgraded with the gadget allows him to shoot in all directions while spinning around. Such a scene is very chaotic and unlucky to be in.


Do you want to light-up enemies at the close, mid or long ranges? 8-Bit is the Brawler for you. It is a well-laughed fact about how slow he is, but his ability to inflict severe damage compensates for it. In a tight situation, use his Super attack to increase your damage. With the use of his gadget, he will be teleported to his Damage Booster, which allows him to see himself away from difficult situations. His Star Power, “Extra Life,” gives him the boom of additional life, a gift that no other brawler has, which gives him a significant edge over his enemies.

These are the top 5 brawlers that can easily secure you a win in The Showdown mode of Brawl Stars. To get to know about other modes of the game, refer to our different modes guide.

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