Brawl Stars Duo Showdown: Best Brawlers & Details

The Duo Showdown follows the same concept as the Solo Showdown, kill until you are the last man standing. Except, this time, you will have a teammate along with you. There will be tandems of five teams, and you are supposed to defeat all pairs to emerge victoriously.


If your teammate is killed, the other player will have a 15 seconds countdown until he respawns. The concept of the Power Cubes is the same as the solo showdown; you can run down enemies for the Power Cubes or destroy boxes that hold them.

Just some things to go by- Your fallen teammates will not carry any Power Cube with them in the time of respawn. Your team is defeated if both teammates are defeated before one can respawn, so it is very integral for the survival of one player if your teammate finds an early demise.

Ideal Combos

Penny and Jessie

It is a very fun loving combination. You can create a fort. Penny's Canon and Jessie's Turret can be used to hit multiple opponents while doing very little. Penny's basic attack is capable of hitting multiple opponents as the coin bag shreds to multiple coins coming out of it. While Jessie fires orbs which bounces between enemies. This results in a formidable duo that is packed with a fort along with it.

Piper and Darryl

This duo compliments each other really well. Piper is a long-range brawler who can tip off targets at a long-range very easily while Darryl is a tank that shreds enemies at close range. Both inflict momentous damage. Their Supers attacks help to fly or spin away from tight spots while causing detrimental damage to their foes. Piper leaves behind a bomb while Darryl can execute enemies while barreling away.

Bea and Brock

This sharpshooter combo can be used to tear apart the opposition. The immensity of the damage these two can cause is huge. When Bea lands her blow, her next attack supercharges to do 175% more damage. While Brock fires long-range explosives, which does a lot of damage. Bea's Super attack slows down enemies, which lets Brock drain down rockets very easily. Brock's Super attack is the Rocket Rain. As the name suggests, it is a barrage of rockets on the enemy which blasts them apart.

Bo and Carl

This combo is often used by pro players. Both brawlers do a large amount of damage. They perform well in mid ranges and long ranges too. Bo's Super allows him to set up traps. He can also check bushes with his sweeping arrows, which lets Carl move in for the kill. Carl's Super attack is very destructive too. It shreds enemies with ease.

Gene and Darryl

It is another pro favorite brawler combination. Gene does great damage to his enemies and is also capable of hitting multiple opponents. While Darryl is a tank brawler, who deals grave damage. Gene's ability to push and Darryl's ability to blast off enemies with his shotgun allows us to eliminate opponents with great ease. Darryl's speed and his Super can be used to collect Power Cubes while Gene lays down some suppressive fire. Overall these two Brawlers complement each other very well.

These are the top 5 brawlers combinations that can easily secure you a win in the Duo Showdown mode of Brawl Stars. To get to know about other modes of the game, refer to our different modes guide.

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