Brawl Stars Heist Mode: Best Brawlers & Details

The Heist mode in Brawl Stars is a 3v3 event with two teams consisting of 3 players each competes to destroy the valuable vault on each team’s side on the arena. The winner in this event is decided by whichever team destroys the enemy team’s vault first. The vault has a 45000 health. 


The players have to tactfully destroy the enemy vault while keeping their own safe. If both the teams are unable to complete the objective and both the vaults are undestroyed, then the winner is decided by comparing both the teams’ vault health when the timer runs out. The team with the higher vault health steals the game.

Things to remember- If the game runs out of time and both the teams have caused equal damage to the enemy vaults, then the game is declared a draw.

Stalwart Brawlers


A common brawler unlocked as a trophy road reward shoots energy orbs that bounce between enemies. She has moderate health and damage. Jessie made it to the list because of her Super attack, cute but deadly turret, Scrappy. The turret fires rapidly on enemies and can be used both for offense and defense or to easily distract the enemies.


A common brawler unlocked upon reaching 60 trophies can be very useful with his long-range shots fired at enemies. His super attack can break through walls and obstacles, causing devastating damage to enemies.

His super attack can easily make way for other brawlers to have a clear path to attack the vault, which is usually protected by walls. With star powers, Slick boots, which increases his speed by 10% and Magnum Special, which increases his range by one tile, can make him quite a headache for the enemies.

El Primo

A rare brawler who attacks with his flurry punches to enemies who come into a close range to him. What adds him to the list is his Super Attack that makes him jump a long-distance and crashing down, causing great damage, which means one can use the super and directly crash on the enemy vault. Adding more, El Primo has very high health, making him almost indestructible. It takes quite some time to kill the brawler while he can keep damaging the vault.


Another common brawler unlocked as a trophy road reward has high health and damage output. He wields a shotgun making him brutal in a close range. He can cause great damage to the vault with only a few hits. His super makes him charge forward, destroying obstacles and causing damage to enemies. That makes it easy for him to reach the vault in seconds. His Gadget T-Bone Injector instantly heals him for 1500 health. And if you have a level 10 Bull with the star powers, there is no stopping you.


A trophy road common brawler Dynamike can be of quite good use in a Heist event with his abilities to throw sticks of dynamite over obstacles directly on the target. He has low health but has high damage output, which quickens the process of destroying the vault.

When his super attack is used, he throws a whole barrel of dynamite, which blasts after a few seconds, causing great damage to the enemies around its large blast radius. His Gadget, Fidget Spinner makes him spin rapidly, throwing multiple dynamites in a nine tile radius, this can be used as a defense to protect the vault.

These are the top 5 brawlers that can easily secure you a win in Heist mode of Brawl Stars. To get to know about other modes of the game, refer to our different modes guide.

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