Dragons Explained in Marvel Super War Game

Just like any other MOBA game, in Marvel Super War too, if you need to win easily, you will require to level-up fast with more coins. And killing monsters in early game will fetch you a huge level-up boost, as well as huge coin bonuses. In Marvel Super War Game there are two dragons in the game, namely Surtur & Fin Fang Foom, By killing these monsters you can always have an upper hand over your enemy team.


Don't worry in this post we will teach you guys everything you need to know about Dragons in Marvel Super War Game. So without wasting any more time, let's begin.

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Why Should You Kill a Dragon in Marvel Super War?

It is very important to kill dragons in Marvel Super Wars Games, not only for the jungler hero but the entire team. Just like any other MOBA games, in Marvel Super Wars too, by killing a dragon you will get's lodes of coins & boosts which which will give you an edge over enemy team.

What are the Benefits of killing a Dragon in Marvel Super War Game?

Marvel Super War Surtur Dragon

Surtur: Defeat this dragon to pick up the crown Helmet. You Can then Summon Surtur to help you in the battle against. enemy.

Marvel Super War Fin Fang Foom Dragon.

Fin Fang Foom: After killing this dragon, the hero's physcal attack and energy attack is increased by 15% for 90 seconds.

We hope now you have understood everything related to Dragons in Marvel Super War Game, also there are quite more things you should learn to become perfect in the Game, so stay tuned with Mobile Mode Gaming for the latest news & upcoming Updates on Marvel Super War .