Brawl Stars Gem Grab: Best Brawlers & Details

In Brawl Stars, Gem Grab Mode is a 3v3 mode where two teams consisting of 3 players go against each other to collect purple gems. The arena consists of a Crystal Mine in the middle of the map, which produces the gems every 7 seconds. 

The primary objective is to hold 10 gems or more for 15 seconds. However, it is not that easy as it sounds. Once defeated, all the gems acquired by a player drops, making a case of chasing and tactical assaults to ones who hold most gems. 


While the rules seem simple, there are multiple instances where the matches become very gruesome and competitive, where both teams capture an equal number of gems, which is more than 10. In such cases, the team with the higher bid wins.

Just some things to go by - If a game lasts for 13 to 14 minutes, the timer shuts down, declaring the team with the higher gem count victorious. If 10 gems are lying on the map, the mine shall stop producing until a player picks one up. There is a total number of 29 gems produced at one play, after the creation of the final, 29th gem, the mine shuts down.

Stalwart Brawlers 


This mythical dashing assassin can be a very strong pick to steal away gems right under from an enemy's nose. His mobility skills can be useful in the heist, along with his capability to run away with it. But, his usefulness as a gem carrier does not get past his flaws. An aggressive assault with Mortis would rather end poorly on consistent bases if you are not skilled. 

His Super attack can be effective in tough spots, so learn to use them in the right places. Whenever you are using him at Gem Grab, take a breath, look for a window, steal the gems, and also, the show.


The shrapnel shooting support based epic brawler is famous in Gem Grabs. She has a long-range and is gifted with a wide attack radius. These attributes result in a quick charge of her Super attack, which brings about a Healing Turret. The turret plays a crucial role in maintaining the team's high health, making it easier to hold on to the gems. She can be used as a shield in tight spots due to her high HP to provide cover.


This musical support based brawler is arguably one of the best gem carriers in the game. Poco has a wide attack radius that can be useful to stall the enemy's forward assault, and the wide radius also enables to check bushes with ease. His high health and his character to heal others can play a very crucial role in the game. He holds the capability to carry the gems, but he can also work as a supporting brawler to the gem carrier. His urge to heal can cause a detrimental blow to the enemies.


He is a legendary sharpshooter who can deal with absolute destruction. The Needle Grenade is very efficient in hitting targets, and you can be assured to shred close targets with ease. He can capture the enemy's gem carrier with his Super, and it can also aid in the gem run away if the enemy team is chasing you.


Stealing the victory with this tank of a fighter class brawler becomes easy. She has high health and large area damage who can create havoc amongst the enemy brawlers. Do not be afraid to use her aggressively; her high damage and fast attack speed will supplement your intent. 

Her Super attack brings in her bear friend who is not so friendly to her enemies. This Big Baby Bear acts as a tracker to enemies hiding in the bush and can also protect the gem carrier by acting as a meat shield. If you are the gem carrier, the bear can also help you get away in tight circumstances.

These are the top 5 brawlers that can easily secure you a win in Gem Grab mode of Brawl Stars. To get to know about other modes of the game, refer to our different modes guide.

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