Free Fire OB23 Update Patch Notes: Penguin Pet, Luqueta Character, New Bermuda Map & Much More

Free Fire is about to get a new update in the game, which will be the OB23 update. Like every other update, the OB23 update will also bring a lot of new features to the game, which we are in the process of sharing with you through various posts. In this post, we will share Free Fire OB23 Update Complete Details by combining all the details.

First, as you all know, Free Fire tries out all the upcoming features of the game on Advance Server before releasing it on the global servers. This time, developers are also introducing Advanced Server before the OB23 update, and if you want to get access to that, you have to register yourself. Check out how to register and download the Free Fire OB23 Advanced Server.


Free Fire Upcoming Update (OB23) Features

Mr. Waggor (Penguin) Pet

Free Fire New Pet 'Mr. Waggor' comes with a special ability called 'Smooth Gloo.' Its special skill makes it capable of producing gloo walls for the players after a certain duration of time. Which helps you when you are out of gloo wall grenades and need a cover instantly.


A new Assault Rifle (AR) called 'AUG' coming to Free Fire. It is a balanced weapon and is compatible with all the attachments available in the game, i.e., Muzzle, Magazine, Foregrip, Stock, Scope, and Silencer. It comes pre-equipped with 2x scope and if you wish, you can equip it with 4x scope also

Revamped Bermuda Map

A new Bermuda map is coming to the game with a name as 'Bermuda Remastered.' The Bermuda 2.0 is not going to affect the standard Bermuda map but going to be a separate map itself with 65 MB in size (equal to Purgatory map). Also, you are not going to get the new map in Classic or Ranked mode; it is going to be exclusive for Clash Squad Mode. Later it will definitely make its way to other modes.


Luqueta Character

A new male character named 'Luqueta' is coming to Free Fire. It is inspired by Brazilian footballer Lucas Silva Borges, known for hat-tricks and hat-tricks, and that is why its special ability is named 'Hat-trick.' Its special ability increases his maximum HP by 5 up to 30 with each kill (default HP of Lucas is 200). At the maximum level, HP increases by 9 up to 35 with each kill.

Elite Hayato

Similar to Elite Kelly, we are going to get Elite Hayato, who will be called as Hayato 'Firebrand'. Its special ability is called 'Art of Blades' that reduced frontal damage to him by 35% for 5 seconds. The Cooldown period of ability is 50 seconds, and while firing, it doesn't work. His ability is an Active Ability similar to DJ Alok, so to activate it, you have to press button appearing on the screen.

Other Changes

  • New Lobby (Home Screen)
  • New In-Game Waiting Area (Lobby)
  • New Animation for Ejecting & Parachuting
  • New Animations for Driving
  • Wide view for vehicles
  • New Booyah Animation

[Note: We keep on updating the list with latest announcements, visit regularly to stay updated.]


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