The Darkzone: Idle RPG Beta Is Available for Sign-Up

The beta for Darkzone: Idle RPG is now live and available for people to test out. Brought by Capitanos you can loot, craft and trade online. The Darkzone is a lawless district within the Darkstar Galaxy, impossible to police, the district is known for being a nest full of illegal activities throughout the intergalactic landscape, that reeks the rest of the Galaxy.


You have four large crime factions that occupy the galaxy, with thousands of bounty hunters, smugglers, raiders, mercenaries, and other criminals. Join Ka’Nuun in his newly formed crime alliance, NEMESIS, stand beside him in his epic quest for vengeance!

Your goal as a player is to acquire the most wealth, loot and stash. All the while you try to gain fame to become the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter. The gameplay will be story-driven with bounties, quests and areas to explore, all while still having a central storyline and cutscene which expand on the Darkzone’s story.

Other features include the ability to form alliances with other bounty hunters and invite them to join you in real-time while participating in asynchronous co-op battles. It also comes with an exciting loot system. Build your bounty hunters with awesome gear and a loot system inspired by hack n’ slash PC classics. Other than this, you can also conduct P2P(Player-to-Player) trades.

Customization is a big part of the RPG. Purchase outfits, weapons skins, and avatars for your hunters, and there is even going to be limited edition event cosmetics. Besides cosmetic customizations, players also can customize their playstyles by going full-auto, semi-auto, or completely manual depending on the gear at hand.

Best of all, the game will receive regular updates with their highly active developer team. For more information on the game, you can visit their website. Where you can also sign-up for the beta. The game will be available for both iOS and Android.