Call of Duty: Mobile - How To Run Faster in MP

Speed and movement are absolutely key in games like CODM. Whether that be escaping enemy fire, capturing and holding points faster, or diffusing a bomb. So today, we will share how to do fast movement in COD Mobile.


When equipped, you will run 10% faster than your normal speed. This is around 1.1x your normal speed. Having this equipped in all classes is not recommended as sometimes you need Flak Jacket or Persistence as your red perk, so it is advised that you make a special speed class. This doesn't make you extremely fast, but you will be able to gain up on enemies much quicker than them on you.



'Object' here means whatever you have on hand that is lighter and can increase your running speed. For example, if you have an AR as your primary and a knife as your secondary, it's best to run with the knife and quickly change to your gun when you feel like you're nearing combat.

If you are new to this, it might take you a couple of games to get used to the quick switching, but once you get used to it, it will prove to be extremely useful. According to Hawsnest, the items you can run with the fastest are the tacticals - which means trip mines, smokes, and trophy systems.

So yeah, the knife isn't the fastest at all. In fact, the running speed with a knife is comparable to that of an SMG. Of course, out of guns, pistols and SMGs are the lightest. LMGs are the heaviest and the run speed of ARs and Snipers are comparable and almost the same.



Rare weapons or the blue colored category weapons have a perk that you can avail by maxing it out in level. It gives you the perk of running 1.2x faster than your normal speed for the first 3-4 seconds of you spawning or respawning.

Now the good thing is, the perk doesn't just pertain to the weapon. If you have it as your primary, you can switch to any other weapon, tactical or lethal and you'll still have that effect for the first few seconds.


Do not slide-jump if you are trying to get somewhere quick unless you're running with an LMG. In normal cases, slide-jump slows you down as it takes longer to recover from a slide and jump doesn't cover as much distance. So only slide-jump if you're in combat or being shot at.



A perfect speed loadout will include all of the above-mentioned tricks in one go. Meaning, equip a gun you like in the blue category. Equip a trip mine and a trophy system, and definitely have the perk Lightweight equipped.

Now when you hop into a map, spam the trip mine button during the countdown as soon as it appears and keep your other figure ready to move forward. You get the most amount of speed like this each time you spawn.

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